Cost of Vasectomy Without Insurance

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 99% of sexually active men in the United States have used at least one form of contraception during their lifetime. While there are many forms of birth control available, vasectomy is a popular option due to its effectiveness and permanency. However, many men wonder about the cost of vasectomy without insurance. In this article, we will explore the options and costs associated with getting a vasectomy without insurance.

What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that blocks the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis. This procedure is considered permanent and is an effective form of birth control for men who do not want to have any more children. The procedure usually takes around 30 minutes to complete and is done on an outpatient basis.

Types of Vasectomy Procedures

There are two main types of vasectomy procedures:

  1. Conventional Vasectomy: This is the traditional method of vasectomy where a small cut is made in the scrotum and the tubes that carry sperm are cut and tied.
  2. No Scalpel Vasectomy: This is a newer method of vasectomy that does not involve any incisions. Instead, a small puncture is made in the skin with a special tool, and the tubes are blocked using clips or heat.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Before the procedure, you will meet with a urologist to discuss the procedure and any questions you may have. At the time of the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area. The urologist will then make a small incision or puncture in the scrotum and block the tubes. After the procedure, you will need to rest for a short period before going home.

How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost Without Insurance?

The cost of a vasectomy without insurance varies depending on a number of factors, including where you live and the type of procedure you choose. On average, the cost can range from $500 to $1,000. The cost may be higher if you choose a more specialized urologist or if you need additional tests or procedures done before or after the vasectomy.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Vasectomy

The following factors can affect the cost of a vasectomy:

  • Location: The cost of a vasectomy can vary depending on where you live, with urban areas generally being more expensive than rural areas.
  • Type of Procedure: No scalpel vasectomies generally cost more than traditional vasectomies.
  • Urologist Experience: More experienced urologists may charge more for their services.
  • Additional Costs: Additional costs may include tests or procedures before or after the vasectomy.

Are There Any Options for Reduced Cost Vasectomy?

For those without insurance, there are options for reduced cost vasectomy. Many clinics and hospitals offer discounted rates or payment plans for those who cannot afford the full cost upfront. Some clinics may also offer free or low-cost vasectomy clinics on specific days or times.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that offers reproductive health services, including vasectomy, at reduced rates for those without insurance. The cost of vasectomy at Planned Parenthood can range from $0 to $900, depending on your income and ability to pay.

Local Health Departments

Many local health departments offer low-cost or free vasectomy clinics for those without insurance. You can check with your local health department or search online for clinics in your area.


Can I get a vasectomy without insurance?

Yes, you can get a vasectomy without insurance. The cost of the procedure varies depending on where you live and the type of procedure you choose, but can range from $500 to $1,000 on average.

Are there any options for reduced cost vasectomy?

Yes, there are options for reduced cost vasectomy for those without insurance. Many clinics and hospitals offer discounted rates or payment plans, and some clinics may offer free or low-cost vasectomy clinics on specific days or times.

Is a vasectomy covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover vasectomy as a form of birth control. It is important to check with your insurance provider to see what is covered under your plan.

Is a vasectomy reversible?

While a vasectomy is considered a permanent form of birth control, it is possible to reverse the procedure. However, the success rate of vasectomy reversal can vary and is not guaranteed.

Is a vasectomy painful?

The procedure is done under local anesthesia and should not be painful. Some discomfort may be experienced during the procedure and for a short period after, but pain should be minimal.

Price Range
Rural Areas
$500 – $700
Urban Areas
$700 – $1,000
Planned Parenthood
$0 – $900