The best ways to enjoy a trip to Fiji

Fiji has been a travel destination for a reason since it was discovered. It is a magical place, the archetype for almost all stories of the South Sea since the European discovery. There are so many ways to enjoy Fiji, but here are some of the best, so get some cheap travel insurance and come and explore.

Island Tours

Fiji is actually an archipelago. There are two main islands, Fiji itself and Vanua Levu in the northeast. Like many archipelagos, the islands are quite diverse. Each has its own character and its special places. The island tours are done in the best style, great comfort, good food and luxury, the kind that will make you want to extend the trip for a few more years.

Getting around the islands is quite an experience, and the Fijians, who know it’s good to have one, have added a lot of other experiences to it. Scuba diving, water skiing, swimming, reef tours, bamboo rafting, jet skiing, inland exploration, there is a seemingly infinite number of things to do and see. It’s the kind of place where you have to be conscientious and come back at least five or six times to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Cultural tours

The Fijian culture is quite an experience in itself. The ancient tales of South Sea paradises didn’t do justice to the cultures of the Pacific, and most tourists to Fiji are usually stunned by what they discover about the islands’ history.

For example, did you know that the history of Fiji goes back 3700 years? That some traditional Fijian buildings have the same roof design as Swiss chalets? Or that the local name for Fiji is “Viti”, which means “sunrise”, and that they call themselves Kai Viti, the people of the sunrise? These are just the basics, just wait until you hear the stories.

A beach, some peace and a walk through paradise. If you just want to wander on beaches and park yourself in a nice spot with your feet up, fine, have fun. If you want to see it all and explore the islands from top to bottom, do so. Fiji is a tourist destination that knows how to be a tourist destination. Even the big expensive cruise lines have got that message. Fiji is also the kind of place they like to stop for a while. You don’t have to rush with schedules at all, if you don’t want to, just walk around.

There is one thing about Fiji that any experienced traveler will appreciate. For a world famous tourist destination, the Fijians manage to keep everything nicely out of the way and under control. This is a low-pressure, low-maintenance tourist attraction. You can do everything at your own pace.

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You can swim in real “crystal water”, on numerous beaches, snorkel between the shallow waters or view the beautiful comfortable beach houses. The best option: Grab a plane and full-coverage travel insurance and see it all for yourself.