Insurance Agency for Sale

Are you thinking of buying an insurance agency? If so, you’re probably looking for an agency that’s already established, with a strong book of business and a team of experienced agents. Fortunately, there are many insurance agencies for sale on the market today, and with the right guidance, you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Why Buy an Insurance Agency?

Buying an insurance agency can be a smart investment for a number of reasons:

  1. Established Book of Business: When you buy an existing insurance agency, you’re buying a ready-made client list. This means you don’t have to start from scratch and can start generating revenue immediately.
  2. Brand Recognition: Established agencies have a track record and a reputation in the community. You can capitalize on this by keeping the existing name and branding.
  3. Experienced Staff: An existing agency comes with a team of experienced agents and support staff. This eliminates the need to hire and train new employees.
  4. Existing Processes and Systems: Established agencies have already developed processes and systems for managing their business. You can leverage these to streamline your operations and maximize your profits.
  5. Proven Revenue: By purchasing an existing agency, you have access to financial records that prove its profitability. This makes it easier to secure financing from lenders.

If you’re looking to start your own agency, buying an established one can be a great way to fast track your success.

Types of Insurance Agencies for Sale

Before you start looking for an insurance agency to buy, you need to decide what type of agency you’re interested in. There are several types of agencies available:

  1. Captive Agency: A captive agency is one that is associated with a specific carrier, such as State Farm or Allstate. These agencies can only sell policies from that carrier.
  2. Independent Agency: An independent agency is not affiliated with any specific carrier. This means they can offer policies from multiple carriers, giving customers more options.
  3. Specialty Agency: Specialty agencies focus on a specific type of insurance, such as health insurance or commercial insurance.
  4. Generalist Agency: Generalist agencies offer a wide range of insurance products, such as auto, home, and life insurance.

Deciding what type of agency to buy depends on your interests, expertise, and financial resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying an insurance agency?

The benefits of buying an insurance agency include an established book of business, brand recognition, experienced staff, existing processes and systems, and proven revenue.

How do I choose the right insurance agency to buy?

Choosing the right insurance agency depends on your interests, expertise, and financial resources. Consider factors such as the type of agency, revenue, profitability, location, and reputation in the community.

What should I look for when reviewing the financial records of an insurance agency?

When reviewing the financial records of an insurance agency, look for information on revenue, expenses, profitability, and outstanding debts. It’s also important to review the agency’s client list and policies in force.

Can I get financing to buy an insurance agency?

Yes, you can get financing to buy an insurance agency. Many lenders offer loans specifically for this purpose. However, you will need to have a solid business plan and a good credit score in order to secure financing.

What types of insurance agencies are available for sale?

The types of insurance agencies available for sale include captive agencies, independent agencies, specialty agencies, and generalist agencies.


Buying an insurance agency can be a smart investment for the right person. By purchasing an established agency, you can fast-track your success by capitalizing on the benefits of an established book of business, experienced staff, and proven revenue. Take the time to research your options and find the agency that’s right for you.