T Mobile Insurance Number: Everything You Need to Know

T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile network providers in the United States, serving over 100 million customers. The company offers a wide range of services and plans to its customers, including insurance for mobile devices. In this article, we will discuss T Mobile insurance number, how to contact them, what to expect from their insurance policies, and other related information.

What is T Mobile Insurance Number?

T Mobile insurance number is a contact number that customers can use to reach out to T-Mobile insurance customer service. This number is available 24/7, and customers can use it to report a damaged or lost phone, file a claim, inquire about the status of their claim, and more.

To reach out to T-Mobile insurance customer service, customers can dial 1-866-866-6285 from their T-Mobile phone, or +1-719-634-0808 from any other device.

What are the Benefits of T Mobile Insurance?

T-Mobile offers insurance for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that covers loss, theft, accidental damage, and mechanical breakdowns. Some of the benefits of T-Mobile insurance include:

Phone replacement
If your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, T-Mobile will replace it with a new or refurbished phone of the same or similar model and functionality.
Accidental damage coverage
If your phone is accidentally damaged, T-Mobile will repair or replace it at no extra cost.
Theft protection
If your phone is stolen, T-Mobile will replace it with a new or refurbished phone of the same or similar model and functionality after you file a police report and pay the deductible.
24/7 claim support
T-Mobile offers 24/7 customer support for filing claims and tracking their status.

What are the T Mobile Insurance Plans?

T-Mobile offers two insurance plans for mobile devices:

1. Protection 360

Protection 360 is a comprehensive insurance plan that covers loss, theft, accidental damage, and mechanical breakdowns. It also includes mobile security features, such as malware protection, McAfee® Security for T-Mobile with ID Theft Protection, and Wi-Fi security. The plan costs $15/month per device.

2. T-Mobile Device Protection

T-Mobile Device Protection is a basic insurance plan that covers loss, theft, and accidental damage. It does not cover mechanical breakdowns or offer mobile security features. The plan costs $7-$10/month per device, depending on the phone model.

What is the T Mobile Insurance Deductible?

The T-Mobile insurance deductible is the amount that customers have to pay when they file a claim for a replacement device. The deductible varies depending on the phone model and the insurance plan:

Insurance Plan
Phone Model
Protection 360
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Protection 360
Apple iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Protection 360
Other phones
T-Mobile Device Protection
All phones


1. Is T-Mobile insurance worth it?

That depends on your personal circumstances and the value of your phone. If you have an expensive phone and you’re worried about loss or damage, T-Mobile insurance can provide peace of mind. However, if your phone is not very valuable or you can afford to replace it on your own, insurance may not be necessary.

2. How do I file a T-Mobile insurance claim?

To file a T-Mobile insurance claim, customers can contact T-Mobile customer service at 1-866-866-6285 or +1-719-634-0808. They will need to provide their phone number, the make and model of their phone, and a description of the issue.

3. Can I cancel my T-Mobile insurance?

Yes, customers can cancel their T-Mobile insurance at any time. They can contact T-Mobile customer service to cancel their insurance plan or remove insurance from their account.

4. What is not covered by T-Mobile insurance?

T-Mobile insurance does not cover intentional damage, cosmetic damage, lost accessories, or damage caused by unauthorized repairs. It also does not cover phones that are more than 12 months old or have been previously replaced under insurance.

5. Can I add insurance to my T-Mobile plan?

Yes, customers can add insurance to their T-Mobile plan at any time. They can do so online, through the T-Mobile app, or by contacting T-Mobile customer service.

In conclusion, T-Mobile insurance number is a crucial resource that customers can use to protect their mobile devices. By understanding the benefits, plans, deductibles, and FAQs of T-Mobile insurance, customers can make informed decisions about whether to enroll in insurance and how to use it when necessary.