Citizens Insurance Michigan: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a Michigan resident, it’s important to have a good understanding of the state’s primary insurance provider, Citizens Insurance Michigan. Michigan’s harsh winters, high windstorms, and severe floods can cause substantial damage to your home and property. As such, it’s important to have insurance coverage to mitigate your financial loss in the event of such natural disasters. This article will explore everything you need to know about Citizens Insurance Michigan, including coverage, rates, payment options, and frequently asked questions.

What is Citizens Insurance Michigan?

Citizens Insurance Michigan is a non-profit, state-run insurance company that provides property insurance coverage to Michigan residents. The company was created in the 1970s to offer an affordable option for property insurance in areas where private insurance providers were not willing to offer coverage.

Since its inception, Citizens Insurance Michigan has provided coverage to more than a million policyholders. The company offers coverage for homes, condos, rental properties, and personal belongings, as well as liability coverage.

Coverage options

Citizens Insurance Michigan offers the following types of coverage:

Type of Coverage
Property coverage
Covers damage to the physical structure of your home, including walls and roofs, due to a covered loss.
Personal property coverage
Covers damage to personal belongings due to a covered loss, such as furniture, clothing, and electronics.
Liability coverage
Covers legal claims for injuries that occur on your property or are caused by you or your family members.
Loss of use coverage
Provides coverage for additional living expenses, such as hotel and restaurant bills, while your home is being repaired.
Condo coverage
Covers damage to the interior of your condo unit and your personal belongings due to a covered loss.
Renters coverage
Covers damage to your personal belongings in a rented home or apartment due to a covered loss.

It’s important to note that Citizens Insurance Michigan offers coverage options in two tiers: basic and enhanced. Basic coverage is often less expensive, but offers less protection. Enhanced coverage provides greater protection but comes with a higher premium.

Rates and payment options

Citizens Insurance Michigan rates are generally competitive with other insurance providers in the state. Rates may vary based on your location, property value, and desired coverage amount. You can get a quote online or by calling the company’s customer service line.

The company offers multiple payment options, including online payments, electronic funds transfer, and automatic deductions. You can also pay by mail or in person at a Citizens Insurance Michigan office.

Frequently asked questions

What does Citizens Insurance Michigan not cover?

Citizens Insurance Michigan does not provide coverage for damages caused by earthquakes, sinkholes, or floods. You may need to purchase supplemental insurance for these types of events.

Is Citizens Insurance Michigan the only insurance provider in Michigan?

No, Citizens Insurance Michigan is not the only insurance provider in Michigan. However, it is often the best option for residents who live in areas where private insurance providers do not offer coverage.

Is Citizens Insurance Michigan reliable?

Yes, Citizens Insurance Michigan is a reliable insurance provider that is backed by the state. The company has been providing coverage to Michigan residents for over 40 years and has a strong track record of paying claims in a timely manner.

Can I cancel my Citizens Insurance Michigan policy?

Yes, you can cancel your Citizens Insurance Michigan policy at any time. If you cancel mid-term, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

How do I file a claim with Citizens Insurance Michigan?

To file a claim with Citizens Insurance Michigan, you can do so online, by phone, or by visiting a local office. Make sure to have all necessary documentation and photos of the damage beforehand.


Citizens Insurance Michigan is a reliable option for Michigan residents who need property insurance coverage. The company offers a range of coverage options, payment plans, and has a strong track record of paying claims in a timely manner. If you’re in the market for a property insurance policy, Citizens Insurance Michigan may be worth considering.