Write Insurance Articles – Improve Status Through Free Online Insurance Articles

Writing insurance articles gives insurance agents and marketers an important status, promotion and money advantage. The internet is filled with advertisements, but searchers look online for information such as the free insurance articles that are available. See how insurance marketers and agents can drive massive traffic to their personal website simply by writing insurance articles.

The main problem of insurance agent and insurance marketing websites is getting online searchers to look at what they have to offer. You may be skeptical about how offering free insurance articles to read will help you sell insurance or find agents. You have good reason to be cynical, especially if you paid for Internet advertising that gave very little return on investment.

Let me convince you of a secret method that will guarantee you get more interested free site visitors. Remain incredulous, doubtful, and don’t be convinced until I give you factual, verifiable statistics. You will see what posting free insurance online has done for me. You will then get to see the inner workings of this truly magical attention grabber. Getting involved in writing insurance articles for your financial benefit is easy and extremely beneficial.

Attempts at my online free insurance article:At first I was unsure, hesitant, and not confident that writing about what I’ve learned in my 40 years as an insurance consultant, marketing and selling insurance would be helpful. I started writing articles on our website and had mixed results. Although my free articles were read, they didn’t bring in hordes of extra website traffic on their own. After making a dozen quality reports, I decided to stop writing until I did more research. In doing so, I came across a still very well-known, underused secret. I needed other websites to publish my insurance reports, but only if they sent traffic back to me.

The new approach: My research began to pay off. I discovered that there are at least 100 article and ezine information sites where you don’t have to be a professional writer to submit an article. In addition, some of these sites had categories such as insurance or investments where you can ask to categorize your piece of writing. However, they all have strict but very fair guidelines for making your writing eligible for review. You wouldn’t be able to put up with advertising your business or yourself.

The information had to be useful free information for the general public or for employees in your industry. As reward at the end of the article you could put a few lines about what you do PLUS a direct link to your website! In addition, other viewers can post a copy of your article on their website, but ONLY if they also added the bottom bio. This part is the information you provided, including the link to your site. Now you have two sources that send interested readers to your insurance website as free traffic. I decided to try it and I will share how it works for me.

Results of my insurance article:In the last 12 months I have written just over 220 articles. The topic was usually improving the skills of insurance agents or guidelines of insurance marketers for successful recruitment. Now remember that many of these writings have not yet fully matured. That means they have a recent publication date and plenty of time to get to further positive results. Here are just my results on using one of the best article publishing sites. I get a little bit smarter with every insurance article I publish.

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The current number of people reading one of my articles has skyrocketed and now stands at about 2,500 per week. About 80 of these readers look at my personal bio data every week. Here’s the first kicker. From this one site, my insurance articles have generated enough interest in total to be that published more than 1,800 times (with my website link and info) on other online internet sites. I may be an expert advisor, but not an expert writer. In spite of this, the top ezine information site has come over 4,300 free visitors interested to see more on our website. Some of my top articles have each been published 25 times or more by other internet websites. My best writings have already been read over 1700 times on this one site.

Do you want thousands of interested people free visitors yearly to your website? What about your articles appearing over 400 times in Google’s top three search terms where there are 5,000 to 2,000,000 other competing listings? Do you want other websites to pick up your writing and link back to your website without any hassle? YOU CANcheck out the above proof of my current results, with plenty of benefits to come.

Here’s the secret, no-cost procedure. If you’re an agent, write about an effective way you’ve found to help sell. For an insurance marketer, it could be benefits to retain agents. I use Microsoft Word to write my insurance articles. Here are two tips needed to increase success. First, it is an attention grabbing headline to generate interest. Second is to strongly emphasize a key word phrase, such as “Kentucky life insurance agents” in your article. In just 2 days, your article, with the keyword search term “Kentucky life insurance agents”, can jump high in Google or Yahoo search lists.

ARTICLE TIPSWhen you write your article, choose a quality ezine or article directories. You can find information sites with a simple search. NEVER PAY an article submission service to automatically or semi-automatically submit it for you. The more traffic the site receives, the more likely your information will be read. Normally keep your writing between 500 and 1,000 words, if it’s too long consider splitting it into two entries. Don’t be afraid to take a copy of your article, post it on your personal website with a new title, keyword phrase, and changes. Information websites beat tougher competition.

Google rates your site from 0, with much of its consideration based on the fact that you provide information for visitors to read. If you see someone else’s article that you like, post it on your site, but don’t forget to leave the required credits and links to the original author. On the internet, content is king. Writing insurance articles and getting them featured on other websites will only get you more traffic and pro status in your specialized market area.

Yes, there is such a thing as FREE. I certainly found that out. Use it yourself, experience that giving and you will receive works on the internet.