Why a flood insurance policy for your home is important

In today’s changing climate, it is more important than ever to ensure that your home is insured against flooding. There are more changes in our weather now and one year is very different from the last so it is very important to make sure your belongings are insured.

The UK has gone from hottest summer on record to rainiest on record for three consecutive months. This has led not only to flash floods, but entire cities under water for weeks.

This has left homes and businesses in total devastation, with families having to rebuild their homes and businesses without customers and unable to fulfill orders. Cities have been cut off and supplies of both water and electricity have been established.

People are concerned about health and livelihoods, but the government has offered reassurance in the form of funds to help rebuild the cities and inform the insurance companies that they will pay out on policies where people have them.

It is common for people to have contents insurance for their home, but many find contents insurance not entirely necessary and skip it in order to save monthly. This in the current climate is a false economy. Imagine paying tens of thousands of dollars to replace everything you own in your property, compared to a few hundred dollars to make sure you’re covered should the worst happen.

Home Flood Insurance is commonly known as Home Content Insurance and no matter what people think is important to make sure you are covered in case something were to happen.

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