Used tractors are a great alternative to new tractors – What should you look for when buying a used tractor?

Used tractors are a great alternative to new tractors. When the money flows freely for you and you buy everything new, there is no reason to even think about used tractors. However, if you are like most farmers, you will save money whenever possible. You need a tractor to run your farm, but you don’t want to pay $140,000 for a new tractor. Fortunately, there is a huge range of used tractors for sale.

Now that you have decided to buy a used tractor, you need to determine how powerful the tractor needs to be. Used tractors come with different horsepower engines. Larger tractors use more fuel, which means they are more likely to release harmful gases into the environment. How much tractor you need depends on a number of factors. The factors to consider are how many acres of land you have, what type of terrain you have (smoother terrains require less horsepower), and how many horses you have. Hood Geisbert, an equipment dealer with 50 years of experience in Urbana, Maryland, states that most horse farm owners choose compact tractors with 16 to 45 horsepower.

Used tractors are not all the same. Once you’ve chosen some models to look at, pay attention to your first impression. Used tractors that generally appear weakened may indicate that previous owners did not care for the tractors. Look at the shafts for signs of leaking seals, as seals are often expensive to replace. Look at the engines for signs of repair or abuse. Used tractors are likely to have traces of engine repairs; make sure the repairs are not sloppy because if they are, engine repair will be in the near future. If the tractor has two pedals, check that both pedals work. Make sure the tractor has a wide front rather than a narrow one. Narrow fronted tractors roll over hills much more easily and have been known to cause the death of farmers.

Before you shop for a used tractor, make sure you pick up a copy of the used tractor price guide. The 328 page price guide contains detailed information about the farm tractors produced from 1939 – 2003. It covers 44 different manufacturers. Take the price guide with you, so that you know whether a dealer is charging too much for his used tractors.

Used tractors are a viable and even recommended option for farmers. There’s no point in going up to your knees in debt, which will hurt your profits. Due to the wide range of used tractors, the farmer can buy the model of his choice. If you look carefully and thoughtfully for used tractors, you will have a quality machine that will last for years.