Treating bloating in cats

Bloating in your cat is a physical condition where your cat has air in her stomach. This article explores some of the causes of feline bloating, one of the most common feline health problems today.

Aside from the presence of gas, which can be caused by stomach indigestion, your cat may experience bloating if there is a blockage in her stomach. If your cat eats more than it can easily digest, it’s possible that it will start to feel bloated.

The main symptoms of bloating are a swollen abdomen, excess gas and flatulence. The cat may also burp or fart. However, in more severe cases, the cat may also vomit or at least attempt to do so. Often cats collapse or you find it drooling too much. In all these cases, take it to the nearest vet immediately.

While a diagnosis will help your vet prescribe the exact medication, there are a few things you can do to give your cat some relief. There are a few natural substances that are very helpful in treating this feline health problem. Believe it or not, feeding your cat marshmallows and slippery elms can help. The former strengthens the digestive system, while the latter is known to work wonders against bloating and gas. Another good natural substance is licorice as it keeps the gut healthy and also aids in digestion.

In more extreme cases of bloating, a vet may choose to relieve your cat by injecting a needle. However, if the diagnosis shows something more serious, he may need surgery. Aside from gas and air, bloating can also be caused by tumors or kidney and spleen enlargement. That’s why it’s very important to see a vet as soon as you see signs of bloating in your cat, as any delay could make the situation worse. If it’s a swollen spleen or tumor, the vet may need to operate on it and remove the diseased organ if possible.

There are some preventative measures you may want to take. You need to know the right amount of food your cat needs each day, as this will help you prevent him from overeating. Cat owners should also make an effort to stop feeding the cat too much leftover food from their tables.

Treating feline health problems is one of the things all cat owners should expect. Remember that prevention is better than cure and it can be a good idea to have your cat come in for regular medical checkups.