The Hartford Car Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Car insurance is a necessity for every car owner, but choosing the right auto insurance company can be overwhelming. In this guide, we will focus on The Hartford car insurance, one of the leading auto insurance companies in the US. We will discuss everything you need to know about The Hartford, including their coverage options, discounts, and claims process.

History of The Hartford Car Insurance

The Hartford was founded in 1810 and is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States. The company started as a fire insurance provider but later expanded its services to include life and auto insurance. The Hartford has been recognized for its financial strength and stability, earning an A+ rating from A.M. Best Company.

Today, The Hartford provides auto insurance coverage to over one million policyholders in the US. The company offers a range of coverage options to fit the needs of different drivers, from basic liability coverage to comprehensive insurance plans.

The Hartford Car Insurance Coverage Options

The Hartford offers a range of coverage options to fit the needs of different drivers. Here are the coverage options:

Auto Insurance Coverage
Liability Coverage
Liability coverage pays for damages and injuries you cause to others in an accident. It includes bodily injury liability and property damage liability.
Collision Coverage
Collision coverage pays for damages to your car in case of an accident with another vehicle or object.
Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive coverage pays for damages to your car that result from non-collision incidents, such as theft, fire, and vandalism.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage covers damages and injuries you sustain in an accident caused by a driver who doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your damages.

In addition to the standard coverage options, The Hartford offers additional coverage options that can be added to your policy:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • New Car Replacement
  • Gap Insurance

The Hartford Car Insurance Discounts

The Hartford offers a range of discounts to help you save money on your car insurance premiums. Here are some of the discounts available:

  • Bundle Discounts: Save up to 5% by bundling your auto insurance with home insurance, renters insurance, or condo insurance.
  • Airbag and Anti-lock Brake Discounts: Save up to 5% for having airbags and anti-lock brakes in your car.
  • Good Driver Discount: Save up to 10% if you have a good driving record.
  • Defensive Driver Discount: Save up to 5% by completing a defensive driving course.

The Hartford Car Insurance Claims Process

If you are involved in an accident and need to file a claim with The Hartford, here is what you need to do:

  1. Report the Accident: Contact The Hartford as soon as possible to report the accident and provide all the necessary information, including the time and location of the accident, the names and contact information of all parties involved, and the details of the damages and injuries.
  2. File the Claim: Fill out the claim form provided by The Hartford and submit it along with any supporting documents, such as police reports, witness statements, and medical bills.
  3. Get Your Car Repaired: The Hartford will provide you with a list of authorized repair shops in your area. You can choose the one that works best for you and have your car repaired there.

The Hartford Car Insurance FAQs

What is The Hartford’s customer service number?

The Hartford’s customer service number is 1-800-243-5860.

What is The Hartford’s claims phone number?

The Hartford’s claims phone number is 1-800-243-5860.

Does The Hartford offer roadside assistance?

Yes, The Hartford offers roadside assistance as an optional coverage.

Does The Hartford offer discounts for good drivers?

Yes, The Hartford offers a good driver discount for drivers with a clean driving record.

Does The Hartford offer a mobile app?

Yes, The Hartford offers a mobile app that allows you to manage your policy, file claims, and access roadside assistance.


The Hartford car insurance is a reliable and trustworthy auto insurance company that offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts. Their claims process is straightforward, and their customer service is exceptional. If you are looking for an auto insurance company that provides peace of mind and security, consider The Hartford.