The Global Domains International Inc Review – Get the Facts About GDI

Global Domains International is a ten-year-old website and domain registration company based in Carlsbad, California. The CEO of GDI is Michael Starr and the president of the company is Alan Ezier.

Michael Star is the overseas marketing department and also the technical department of Global Domains International Inc. Mr. Starr was the co-founder of Freedom Start Communication Inc. Thus, in October 1995, he brings with him previous telecommunications experience. Michael has a broad knowledge of direct marketing, software tracking systems and affiliate marketing.

The co-founder and president Alan Ezier also has a degree in telecommunications and e-commerce. Prior to working with Global Domains International Inc, he was a director of USVT, a Northern California telecommunications company, and Alan’s manages GDI’s sales forecasting, accounting, financial management and revenue. Allan also attended UCLA, where he earned a four-year degree in political science.

The products of Global Domain International Inc.

GDI’s slogan is “Your Internet Address For Life”. The product that this company is marketing is global domains for website and hosting package which costs $10 per month, this package includes a.WS domain registration, up to 10 email addresses, hosting fees, website forwarding and website building interface which is easy to use.

The WS domain is set up globally and works just like any other top level domain. Because dotcom domains are a lot more difficult to acquire the domain name you want, such as, GDI emphasizes that the WS domains are still more easily available. People, companies, schools, sports organizations can still access and register simple top-level .WS domain names.

Global Domains International Inc is a generally thriving company with many dedicated members and has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, WS domain owners include US companies such as Choice Hotels International, 3M, Geico Insurance, Bose Corporation, Sherwin Williams and Michelin Tires, Volvo and Plantronics, GDI has registered over 100,000 domains and continues to grow.

So what is GDI’s business opportunity?

GDI Business Opportunity is an MLM company with global understanding and fascination, all major forms of payment are accepted such as Visa, Master Card, Debit Cards, PayPal, etc.

The compensation plan is a unit-level plan that is one of the more straightforward business models for networking. Each affiliate earns $1 per month, per domain registered in their own personal network, which can go five levels deep for each person. There is no width limit so affiliate can refer an infinite number of people to the company, affiliates also receive bonuses for referring new affiliates to the company.

For prospecting purposes, both email and phone-verified business opportunity leads are vacant for sale to affiliates that cannot produce their own leads. The affiliate also receives a personalized website to introduce the opportunity online, and when a prospect follows a link in an email, they are taken to the presentation, shown an animated video about the company, and then given a free trial of seven days to get started. The ongoing cost to remain an active partner is ten US dollars per month.

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The Secret to the Success of Global Domains International Inc

So what should you do to make a good income with GDI? Well seen as if there is only a one dollar commission per domain name registered per month, the key to creating a big income with this business is large numbers and duplication in your network.

So where do you start building a large team of affiliates in your network? The first and most critical part of building a huge team in GDI is having an unlimited source of new leads to talk to about GDI every day and the very last thing you want to do is buy leads from the company because with the small commission you’re going to start off with that you can’t afford to spend that on buying leads, so what do you do?

You will learn how to generate your own leads and it is not that hard if you are taught the right way to market your business online and you can learn how to generate unlimited leads for your GDI business with this Global Domains International Marketing Secret.

The second part of building a huge team in GDI would be duplication, you want your teammates to generate their own leads and also build huge teams, that way your income increases in the process, so how do you create duplication? You pass the Global Domains International Marketing Secret on to the people on your team and I’ll let you in on a little secret… That GDI Marketing Secret is not just a way to create new leads for your GDI business, it will grow you get into a money machine and open up your business wide, you and your business will never be the same after you understand the GDI marketing secret.