The first 4 steps to getting massage therapy after a car accident

When I got hit by a drunk driver, the last thing I wanted to do was mess with the insurance. The other man’s insurance company was willing to pay for massage therapy. But I didn’t have time. And as a result, I was not fully protected.

Massage therapy is one of the most effective healing methods available. It calms the muscles and mind after a traumatic incident. It increases blood flow to the muscles, which promotes healing. A good massage therapist will ask about the accident and find out which muscles were strained and damaged during the accident. As a result, your body will heal. Massage therapy is the science of healing muscles. It is the only industry that focuses exclusively on curing muscle tightness and pain. Seek a massage therapist immediately if you get into a car accident to avoid keeping those muscles tight due to whiplash or injury.

I’ve outlined the steps describing how to get massage therapy for a car accident (or any other accident) where the other person’s insurance company will pay for it. These steps are the first 4 steps you should take immediately. Take these steps to protect yourself within 24 hours of the accident. You must act quickly or you may lose your care to the insurance company’s policies. Follow these 4 steps below to make sure you’re okay.

1. VISIT a doctor or chiropractor for a doctor’s note

You need a doctor’s advice for a massage. It is a medical recommendation just like any other activity or prescription. Schedule a single doctor visit and let your doctor recommend massage therapy as a treatment. If you are injured on the weekend, go to a 24-hour clinic. Any doctor can prescribe massage therapy if you ask. But you have to ask for it.


The insurance companies have a policy called “Gap in Care”. It means that if you don’t get your treatments consistently and immediately after the accident, you aren’t really injured. If you are going to get massage therapy to help with the pain of an accident, start immediately. And don’t stop regular treatments until you’re better. Changes in your treatment plan or providers are fine, but DO NOT stop getting any kind of treatment or the insurance companies will claim you have a “care gap.” And they will not accept your claim.

3. BEWARE of delayed pain

Whiplash can occur several weeks after the accident. What happens is that the body goes into hyper-protection mode as a safety measure. It pours adrenaline and other chemicals into your body for several weeks to protect you from pain (so you can escape the dangerous land of other cave dwellers, you know, with deadly mountain lions and other creatures). Then your body starts recovering weeks later. That recovery period is when the pain really starts.

Often you don’t seek treatment right away because you feel good, and then you don’t start feeling really bad until weeks later. Continue your massage therapy treatments for at least a month to ensure you prevent severe whiplash from affecting your productivity. The insurers also understand this. So continue the treatment for at least a month. And longer if you’re really in pain.

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4. ASK the insurance company

Some insurance companies pay as you go. Other insurance companies want to pay out the damage at the end of the treatment. Ask them lots of questions about their process. The controller simply follows a set of rules. If you can learn the rules, you can get the most out of the claim (and save yourself a lot of headaches). Work within the system, not against it. Some good questions are: “How does the claim process work?” “Can I get checks when I submit receipts, or do you pay all at once by the end.”

Regardless of what happened, everyone involved wants you to get well soon. So act quickly. And start consistent treatment, and keep it up, until you’re better. Good luck and feel better!

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