The benefits of vehicle tracking systems

The availability of GPS vehicle tracking systems has changed dramatically and for the better. It allows us to better understand how individuals and companies operate their vehicles, which can be private cars, buses, taxis or trucks and trailers.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS), originally developed by the United States armed forces to help track naval and overland navigation, uses a constellation of 26 satellites to send coded time signatures to receivers on the Earth’s surface. They are capable of providing levels of tracking accuracy to within two meters. The US government has allowed the commercial use of GPS technology since the mid-1990s.

Fleet controllers have vastly increased control over how their fleet operates using GPS personal vehicle tracking software. They are better able to pinpoint loopholes in any system.

This could be a waste of fuel efficiency, man hours or a combination of both. Units equipped with a personal GPS vehicle tracking system can be tracked and its actual location can be compared to the location that the vehicle’s predetermined schedule should be. Deviations from the schedule can even send a warning signal to the nerve center of fleet control.

The use of GPS tracking systems for fleet vehicles has come into its own particularly in tracking vans and trailers as they go about their daily schedule on their delivery routes.

What GPS vehicle tracking software has done to streamline these supply chains for the large corporations and companies that operate a large fleet of vehicles can be measured in tens of millions. When you consider that most of the money saved is in fuel costs, and therefore less of a blow to our environment, the savings are doubly effective.

In private cars, installing GPS personal vehicle tracking software makes the whole concept of owning and driving a private car much less stressful for the owner.

With GPS personal vehicle tracking software now fitted as standard in many family cars, there are two types of GPS personal vehicle tracking software in the market today.

Real-time tracking is where GPS personal vehicle tracking software comes into its own, working around specially programmed software, a device transmits to a home computer. This allows the owner to receive real-time information about their vehicle’s location, speed and direction of travel.

With a subscription service with any GPS tracking company, you can get reports and access real-time monitoring screens displayed on a gridded map, making it very user-friendly.

What are the main applications of GPS personal vehicle tracking?

  • Anti theft: One of the main concerns of new vehicle owners is that their car will be stolen. Using GPS personal vehicle tracking software can quickly locate your vehicle if it is stolen. Car thieves have learned that stealing cars is not such a lucrative profession anymore. They especially stay away from cars with a GPS system sticker. Insurance companies take a favorable view of owners who install GPS personal vehicle tracking software. The generous discounts they grant on insurance premiums help pay for the installation of the system.
  • Navigation: the GPS personal vehicle tracking software is a great navigation aid. Today, some of the most up-to-date GPS personal vehicle tracking software not only provides completely accurate directions, but the system will also suggest alternate routes when traffic congestion is detected.
  • emergency aid: GPS personal vehicle tracking software can provide completely accurate information about the whereabouts of your car. In an emergency situation, this provides immediate access to medical or emergency assistance.
  • GPS personal vehicle tracking software can be used to track the whereabouts of a family member. Also how they drive and where they go. >
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There are so many other applications where using personal vehicle GPS equipment and software can protect your property and, a thousand times more importantly, the physical safety and general well-being of your loved ones.