Short-term health insurance – fast coverage when you need it most

Due to the global shortages of medical professionals around the world, many countries rely on temporary medical personnel to cover the shortage; ensure that the public has access to adequate and professional healthcare. When emergencies strike, such as the recent Christchurch seismic events that have received massive media coverage, the need for temporary medical personnel increases exponentially; as current supplies become overstretched and additional staff are needed to not only provide a normal level of health care, but also to help with the increased workload resulting from such an emergency.

On any trip abroad, be it for business, work or leisure, it is only wise to ensure that you are covered in the event of an eventuality. This situation is no longer the case when medical personnel come to a country for the recovery program after, for example, a major earthquake, where the level of risk associated with loss of property or personal accident increases. There are numerous types of policies on the market; Selecting the most appropriate cover and policy is paramount. Short-term health insurance is most suitable for those medical personnel who work in the country temporarily, or who are called on at short notice. The great advantage of short-term health insurance is that coverage can be arranged in less than twenty-four hours, with a coverage period of up to six months; with the possibility of extension if the employment requires an additional period of time.

The affordability of short-term health insurance, compared to traditional media insurance, is one of its main advantages. Often between 20% and 30% cheaper than major medical plans, they offer professional medical personnel a standalone policy or as a supplement to larger medical coverage to provide immediate coverage when the underwriting process takes some time.

The popularity of this short term health insurance policy is a result of the policy’s ability to provide versatility and secure coverage in times of emergency and sudden change. Providing personal coverage and backup during times when it’s most needed, short-term health insurance is one of the most valuable policies for medical personnel who need to travel on a short-term basis. When considering your options for short-term health insurance, you should seek professional advice from reputable insurance companies that specialize in this type of health insurance. In addition, not all insurance companies offer short-term health insurance; so decide wisely who will cover you.