Saving Sprite by Mark R Levin – A story of love and loss

In Rescuing Sprite, Mark R. Levin tells us the heartbreaking yet uplifting and inspiring story of his dog Sprite. Anyone who has experienced an illness and eventual death of a pet should read this book. It expresses all the emotions associated with a pet’s illness. The book is very therapeutic if you are a dog lover. It will help you learn how to deal with the situation by seeing what Mark went through with his beloved Sprite.

In Rescuing Sprite, the author tells his story in a voice that so clearly betrays his love for Sprite. His writing style is so fresh and fun that you can’t put the book down. Many people say they read the whole book in one sitting, it was that good. That says a lot about an animal book. There are so many heartbreaking yet completely inspiring situations that anyone who has owned a dog can relate to. Many people call this book touching the soul and that is certainly true. The author underlines the fact that our animals are part of the family and without them your house wouldn’t be a home. This is a fact that rings true for so many people.

In the pages of the emotional book, the writer exposes his heart and soul and shows how he felt during Sprite’s life. He assures us that even if they are only here for a short time, our dogs are just as big a part of our lives as the rest of the family. When we lose them, we feel the same kind of pain and that pain never really goes away. But like Mark did with Sprite, we learn to appreciate the memories and move on with our lives, sometimes with other pets.

Throughout the book Rescuing Sprite, Mark R. Levin teaches us how to love no matter the circumstances and how to try to ease the pain of a lost pet and friend. It points out that it’s not easy, but it’s part of living with a dog and we have to reconcile the fact that they can’t be here forever. Every dog ​​owner or enthusiast should own a copy of this book. Even non-pet owners can take very important lessons from the book and find it a great experience. Enjoy it.

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