Payment quote for structured settlement

There are established finance companies that offer quotes for existing structured settlement payments. If you have a copy of your structured settlement, a quick quote is easy. These companies work with structured settlements that are awarded in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. The settlements are usually over 10, 20, 30 years or so and provide a monthly stream of payments. Often they are set up to rise 3-5% each year for inflation. The benefits are usually in the form of an annuity. Turn your long-term payments into a fixed amount of cash now,

Trillions of dollars have been invested in annuity contracts. These contracts are a secure form of money delivery over time. They are a common and safe form of investment issued by insurance companies such as Met Life, New York Life, Prudential, Safeco, Pacific Life, Hartford and many others. In almost all states, the law now allows you to contact a settlement finance company and get a structured settlement payment quote for a lump sum of cash in exchange for future payments. There are many reasons to get cash now instead of waiting many years for it. First, you may have a cash emergency; a need for down payment money for a house, a new car, school fees for children, piling up bills, medical treatments and more. You have the option to exchange part or all of your payments. To find a structured factoring company to purchase your future payments, search on a site such as, Google, or Yahoo.

It is very important that the finance company follows state laws for these transactions. Check out the finance company at the national BBB. Go to the internet and the BBB website, on the national BBB site type the phrase – settlement financing-. Many companies will come forward and you can check their trustworthiness and complaints. This is a normal transaction these days; thousands of people trade in their structured settlements. Find a well-rated finance company, they will follow the laws and guide you through the whole process, they have legal teams and you need to do very little to get a lot of money.

Most states require a court hearing to review your request for cash. Structured settlement payments sold with the court order will usually yield the best results for the owner, compared to other methods. In this method, a judge reviews all transaction information.