Mexican car insurance – don’t leave the house without it!

Bill Kitto was not traveling for the first time in Mexico when he had an accident near San Vincente, Mexico while driving his friend’s truck. Bill was an extraordinarily careful driver and was at the wheel as road conditions deteriorated due to an oncoming rainstorm, leaving him at the mercy of his friend’s Mexican insurance policyholder. Bill and his friend were traveling at a tentative speed of 30 MPH when they rounded a corner and a Mexican army charged toward them, partially on their side of the road. Unable to avoid the crash, the two vehicles collided head-on on the left, sending the staff scattered down an embankment and Bill and his friend into the cliff wall on the other side. Within minutes, Mexican police arrive and an injured Bill rushes to an unknown location for him or his companion standing by the side of the road. In Mexico, there is no ‘innocent until proven guilty’ – quite the opposite.

Bill finds himself in a Mexican cell with no contact and no knowledge of his fate, in part because at this point he cannot know if his friend even had Mexican car insurance. Hours later, guards return to take him back to the scene of the accident, where at least he is able to reunite with his friend and his friend’s Mexican car insurance policy. In the US this may mean the problem has been solved, but in Mexico there is much more to be done.

Bill’s complete story is long and involved – and not a little disturbing. Bill spends a week alone in a Mexican hospital, doing his very best to stay injured enough to avoid the inside of a Mexican prison; he is at the mercy of the local government, dubious legal representatives and confused technology that makes what amounts to paying a way out is a pointless act. There were many times when Bill wasn’t sure if he would ever get out of the mess—if he could afford to get out of the mess.

In the end, Bill only gets his tenuous freedom after spending over $28,000. Fortunately for Bill, he was able to secure the money to secure his freedom, but many other Americans would have fallen far short. Due to the bureaucracy and dishonesty he faces in Mexico, Bill isn’t sure if he’ll ever see a return on the investment of a lifetime.

Bill has taken a few things from his experience that he is trying to pass on to all Americans traveling in Mexico.

  • Bring a cell phone or satellite phone and learn how to make calls in Mexico
  • Stay connected with family in the states who can help you
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secure funds if necessary and contact Mexican insurance companies if necessary (as your assets will be limited)

And especially-

  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MEXICAN CAR INSURANCE – with very good coverage!

to cover personal injury and property damage

  • Make sure Mexican car insurance is from a reputable company
  • Make sure you have proof of Mexican insurance in the vehicle, which is accessible at all times! (And if you’re separated from the vehicle, bring Mexican auto insurance ID cards!)

Bill Kitto’s long and arduous ordeal proved him one thing: money makes the Mexican world go round. Down there they care little about where that money comes from, but whether you can pay the bill or not determines your innocence and ultimate freedom. Since quick access to $30,000 or better is a dream for most of us, the best way to protect yourself when driving in Mexico is to have excellent Mexican auto insurance to support you.