Marsh Insurance Company: The Leading Name in Insurance and Risk Management

Marsh Insurance Company is a global leader in insurance brokerage and risk management solutions. With over 35,000 employees across more than 130 countries, Marsh offers its clients innovative solutions that help them navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of risk.

History of Marsh Insurance

Marsh was founded in 1871 by Henry W. Marsh and Donald R. McLennan as a small insurance brokerage house in Chicago. Over the years, the company grew and expanded its operations to become one of the largest insurance brokers in the world.

In 2010, Marsh merged with fellow insurance brokerage firm, Guy Carpenter, to create the Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC). This dynamic merger has allowed Marsh to provide even greater risk management solutions to its clients.

Marsh’s Services

Marsh Insurance Company has a wide range of services aimed at providing its clients with comprehensive risk management solutions. Some of these services include:

Insurance Placement
Marsh provides clients with access to the world’s leading insurance markets and negotiates on their behalf for the best possible coverage and rates.
Risk Assessment and Analysis
Marsh helps its clients evaluate and understand their risks in order to develop and implement customized risk management programs.
Loss Control Services
Marsh provides clients with resources and tools to help them prevent losses and minimize damages.
Claims Advocacy
Marsh advocates for its clients in the event of a claim, helping them navigate the claims process and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their losses.

Marsh Insurance Company also offers a number of specialty services, such as cyber risk management, environmental risk management, and mergers and acquisitions insurance.


What is Marsh Insurance Company’s mission?

Marsh’s mission is to help its clients manage risks and create value through innovative and customized solutions.

What industries does Marsh Insurance Company serve?

Marsh serves clients from a wide range of industries, including healthcare, construction, energy, financial services, and technology.

How does Marsh Insurance Company differentiate itself from competitors?

Marsh Insurance Company differentiates itself from its competitors by offering its clients customized solutions, innovative tools and resources, and unparalleled industry expertise.

What is Marsh Insurance Company’s approach to risk management?

Marsh takes a holistic approach to risk management, working closely with its clients to identify and evaluate risks, and then developing customized solutions to manage those risks.

How can I get in touch with Marsh Insurance Company?

You can visit Marsh’s website to find contact information for the company’s various locations around the world.


Marsh Insurance Company is a leader in the insurance and risk management industry, offering its clients innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise. With a long history of success and a commitment to providing customized solutions, Marsh is the go-to partner for businesses looking to manage their risks and protect their assets.