How to find real estate leads for real estate agents

How do you currently generate real estate leads? Do you have farming neighborhoods, do you publish a newsletter, do you have a lead generation website? Well, however you get them, I’m willing to bet two things;

1. They’re not that easy to get, and

2. You can always use more

As you struggle with trying to fill your lead pipeline, you can probably think of at least one agent that makes the lead search seem like child’s play. But what exactly is it that they do so efficiently that you are not?

The answer, of course, depends on many things, but let’s take a few ideas from an agent I know who worked with a kid’s condo builder who did quite well at it.

Let’s call her Evette, which isn’t her real name, but it allows me to personalize the story in a way that you can recognize.

Evette was a spark plug dynamo; full of energy, self-directed and very successful at what she did. And what she did best was market and sell a lot of student housing – mostly apartments as far as I could tell.

Hers was a 5 step process

1. She would find vacant land for her building developer to buy and develop

2. Try to form partnerships with the seller of the raw land and its developer to offset the developers’ own costs while acquiring a controlling interest of the land

3. Would then put up for sale all units that the developer has built as a result of the partnership

4. Then be positioned to resell the units when the students have graduated from university and have left the area and

5. In some cases, it would be possible to also get referrals to out-of-town agents for the relocating students.

As you can see, Evette figured it out. So when I say meeting and working with Evette was a career-changing experience, you know what I mean.

My attitude was the first thing that changed. I got over being paralyzed with awe by doctors, lawyers, judges, dentists, and other high-income professionals.

Initially I felt inadequate when it came to selling real estate to them. I just thought I didn’t know enough about real estate in general to come across as a competent professional.

But you know what? It turned out that I knew more than all of them, and more than I needed to help them with their real estate needs.

I went on to find doctors, dentists, college professors, judges, insurance agents, and garden variety investors to work with and had mutually beneficial relationships for years.

So, what does this mean to you? Actually, there are several things to get out of this article.

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If you’re not marketing to people with money, you should. Some agents sabotage themselves by not aggressively chasing leads with the financial resources to buy real estate.

Instead, they sell to people who can barely qualify for mortgage loans and/or who have related and other difficulties that must be overcome before they can qualify at all.

Don’t let that be you anymore.

Another thing to learn from this article is that one lead can multiply into 3 to 4 different revenue generating opportunities.

So no matter how insignificant a client may seem, treat them all equally well.

You never know when they might refer a friend or acquaintance to you, or ask you to help them buy some investment properties, or look for you to help them sell the first property you sold to them and give them to help buy another property.

It’s a worn-out cliché’, but it’s true; there is no shortage of real estate leads for agents. You just have to know how to spot them.