How can I challenge my insurance adjuster’s decision?

April, who, like so many policyholders, does not understand the importance of protecting themselves properly, not that it is their fault, but the claims adjuster in most cases does not explain the process to them so that they understand. It’s the homeowner’s job to make sure they don’t rely on anyone but themselves in a time of danger, even if it’s a very difficult time. I suggest they seek outside help, which we will discuss later.

That said, April was shaken up rudely and the experience would be something she would never forget, even if she wanted to forget it.

Even though April had a fire and felt very lucky that all four of her children escaped along with their animals who were also part of the family, she would soon discover that her insurance company would not take care of her like her agent. had always told her they would if she ever needed them. She immediately called her insurance agent and it was the next day that a contractor along with the insurance adjuster showed up at her door a few minutes later. The contractor explained that he would help and assist her on her claim and it wasn’t long before he got her to sign his contract which, unknowingly to her, the contract locked her in a position that left the contractor in full control of the entire claim gave. She felt comfortable doing this at the time, after all, her insurance adjuster assured her that he was a good contractor and would do a good job for her.

Her regulator was nice, at least most of the time, but before long he just didn’t seem to care what was in April’s best interest, and more concerned about his company; and that startled April. It was only after a few weeks of witnessing these kinds of tragedies play out in front of her that she reached out to someone she thought could at least give her some guidance. After talking to her friend, she realized that she needed the help of an outside person who understood the insurance industry as well or better than the insurance expert. Her friend told her to look for a public expert, someone who only works for the homeowner, so she did. It wasn’t long before she found a local public adjustment company that understood and had the knowledge needed to help her, who was a claims adjuster working for homeowners.

After she hired her public expert, she really started to feel more comfortable because she could see that what the insurance company’s expert told her wouldn’t cover was covered and paid. From then on, April didn’t have to worry about the little details. She knew she had made the right decision and saw progress. Her claim was closed with a quality job because the public expert found during his investigation that the contractor she hired in the beginning was more concerned about the fear of asking the insurance company for more money to repair her property. correct, so the public expert helped her find an honest contractor to do her job. Customer satisfied and went back to her house.