Horse Stable Plans: Ensuring Horse Comfort in Winter

Horses are like people. They can easily contract disease during the cold winter months if not properly protected. This is where the importance of effective horse stable plans comes in. A carefully and cleverly planned barn or stable can keep foals or horses comfortable, safe and warm in winter.

A number of problems that foals and owners can face in the winter are:

a) Lack of food

b) Draft in walls and windows

c) Frozen water pipes

d) Frozen floors

e) Frozen closed doors

f) Attack by rodents

Since snow can make everything difficult in winter, it can also be impossible to get hay supplies. Plan ahead to ensure there is enough hay, feed and vitamins for the entire winter months. Many owners could hoard these supplies early on and so it would be advantageous to be a little earlier than them.

Before securing horse stall equipment, check the walls and windows for drafts. According to equine veterinarians, horses can keep themselves warm, even if it is freezing outside. This is because their bodies can generate enough heat inside, provided there are no gaps in the walls and windows. Wind can come through these openings, making foals cold. Once they are cold, the heat development inside is interrupted.

An insulation system helps to prevent water pipes from clogging. It is clear that cold temperatures make water pipes frozen and unusable. In addition to insulating them, get in the habit of draining the pipes after each use. There are fire hydrants that can be installed for self-draining purposes or automatic valve shut-off below the frost line.

Effective horse stable plans are expected to address the problem of cold or frozen floors. This can be done by adjusting the depth of the cubicles. Placing a lot of hay also provides extra heat on the floor. In addition, provide warm blankets or sheets for the foals. These come in handy when it gets extremely cold.

If the doors are frozen shut, it would be very difficult to get into the barn. This can be prevented by keeping doorways dry and free of debris. Water at the door can easily freeze and cause unwanted closing of the door. If possible, designate someone to keep the shed or barn clean on a daily basis to prevent such incidents. It would be helpful to secure the eaves with troughs for easy opening.

Rodents can also seek warmth in the stables during the winter months. Rodents will not only chew on the edibles stored in the shed. They also chew on other things such as electrical wiring, sheets and stable equipment. Follow effective horse stable plans with provisions to be rodent proof. This is because rodent attacks in stables can endanger the health of the foals resting in them. Rodents carry diseases that can be passed from one foal to another. Rodents can bite it or sprinkle feces and urine on it.