Health insurance and modern medicine

It seems that the more insurance policies one has, the higher the reimbursements go. Doctors now earn substantially more than they did a few years ago. While they know their patients can recover most of the cost for their service, they rarely get into a fight with them. In Australia we have the Medicare system that covers everything for people without health of their own.

The previous Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, put this extra burden on people that they must have health insurance. Only the retirees over the age of 75 are now subject to bulk billing. That is, they are not charged and the government pays for them. Before the abbot’s changes, everyone had these kinds of benefits, but the costs were unsustainable.

Because of this increase in rates, the government is now looking for ways to reduce it even further. The increase in the population of overseas migrants puts additional pressure on the system. Some of these people go to two or three doctors in the same day, thinking they will get better faster. Some also receive extra medicines and sell them abroad.

Modern medicine is expensive and now the vets are on par with the medical profession in terms of fees as well. The debate that they study about the same amount is a logical claim, but if one does not have insurance on their bills, it is rather difficult for many to pay it. Pet ownership suffers as a result.

We can’t go back to old systems because it gets too complicated. Once people earn more, it’s hard to take it away. This is yet another dilemma faced by the government as there is no way they can enforce a reduction in the cost of the medical bills covered by their program. The cost of private insurance is also rising beyond what most and can afford right now.

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