Guiding the acupuncture expert and chiropractor on related insurance coverage

Are you one of those who dare to go beyond traditional medicine to seek relief from aches, pains and illnesses? Well, it actually seems that there is a growing trend among the common people and both the acupuncture expert and the chiropractic physician understand that. With more and more patients in their practice, these doctors need something more than expertise and experience in the art they administer to help people. They need related insurance coverage that protects them from the exposure to risks they face every day, twelve months out of the year.

Below is a brief summary of insurance policies related to the acupuncture specialist and chiropractor that can be very helpful to those in the industry.

Insurance for the acupuncture professional

The acupuncture professional is trained to insert needles into specific areas of the patient’s body as part of a pain and stress management program. While it was once thought to be alternative medicine, the art has become increasingly accepted among those in traditional health care. As such, the associated insurance policies cover both general and professional liability.

In addition, the coverage may include:

• contents insurance
• business insurance
• employees comp
• cyber liability insurance
• umbrella liability
• commercial car insurance

Insurance for the chiropractor

A chiropractor is now recognized as part of regular healthcare. This is why those in the field face similar process risks as other physicians and their colleagues. Associated insurance policies protect against professional liability, while protecting the insured professional from claims related to injury from alleged malpractice, errors and omissions in chiropractic decisions or failure to decide on the proper chiropractic way to treat a patient. and protects the policyholder from claims related to injury from alleged malpractice, errors or omissions in the provision or omission of appropriate chiropractic maintenance.

In addition, related insurance may include:

• Risks associated with Chiropractic License Expiry
• Incident/Claims – Coverage Created
• Cybersecurity
• Employee Comp
• Business Owner Policy
• General liability
• Contents insurance

Consult an experienced independent insurance team to better understand the needs of acupuncture specialists and chiropractic physicians. Based on their conversation with you, they can present tailor-made insurance options and search the broad network of their underwriting connections to find competitive lowest quotes for the type of coverage you choose.

How do you know if an insurance office is the right choice?

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The only thing underlying a good insurance company is the ability and desire to educate their customers about the different aspects of coverage that apply to them. For the agency that makes compensation its passion, the well-educated consumer is actually the best customer.