Group fitness instructor liability insurance

Many people rarely think about the need for professional liability insurance for group fitness instructors. However, it makes sense that precautions should be taken in our disputed society to ensure that those who choose to make a living as a fitness instructor are protected from legal harm, whether the charges are justified or not. Most insurance companies cover physical fitness facilities and their employees up to a certain limit and under certain conditions; however, it can only be the lowest possible coverage with certain exclusions and conditions. If you are an independent fitness instructor, or even work full time for a fitness center, it is vital that you consider protecting yourself with group fitness instructor liability insurance.

What is Group Fitness Instructor Liability Insurance?

Fitness instructor group liability insurance protects fitness instructors from damages or legal action taken by claimants as a result of the instructor’s training duties.

Common reasons for lawsuits against instructors include:

o Muscle injuries
o Joint injuries
o Back injuries
o Broken bones
o bruised bones

Most group fitness instructor liability insurance covers the common causes or hazards that can occur during training and result in the losses mentioned above. Common claims include:

o Injury due to poor supervision
o Injury due to poor training technique and education
o Injury due to overtraining
o Injury due to lack of sufficient stretching or cooling periods

People can also claim mental harm, stress or humiliation. That is why it is very important that your group fitness instructor liability insurance provides you with as specific and complete coverage as possible. While certain endorsements (additional coverage) can add to the total premium you pay each year, it’s worth it in the end. Too many frivolous lawsuits are settled in the plaintiff’s favor to justify gambling with your cover amounts and limits.

Cover Limits

In terms of coverage limits, most insurance companies offer a basic policy with a total limit of $500,000, $1,000,000 or $2,000,000. They may also have a limit per event that is significantly lower than the total policy limit. It is important to understand this distinction because if your policy limit is $1,000,000 but your per event limit is only $100,000, that means you are responsible for paying all amounts owed to the other party exceeding the $100,000 limit. exceed 100,000. For example, if the verdict against you is $150,000 and the limit per event is $100,000, you are responsible for paying the remaining $50,000 out of pocket. If you don’t have the $50,000 in cash or savings immediately available for payment, payroll garnishment and even asset liquidation can occur.

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When considering group fitness instructor liability insurance, remember that it is always best to be overinsured and not need it, than to be underinsured and end up with a large debt that you will have to pay for the rest of your life. .