Free health information: Ask the medical student and get professional information

Getting health advice that is worthy is hard to come by. As a medical student, I am surrounded by mountains of resources, professionals and experiences that you can benefit from. I cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe, but I can provide health information that may help you with your situation. All information you provide in the email is strictly confidential and will be deleted upon receipt. Information is not published anywhere.

Why do we offer a free health information service? Simply put – because we care. In two years’ time I will obtain my doctorate in naturopathy. I have already completed 3 years of intensive medical training and that is after a B.Sc in Cell and Molecular Biology. I know that most people are completely baffled by the health industry and are looking for ways to get health without spending a fortune and without standard mechanistic medical protocol. Complementary and alternative medicine is thriving and this is due to the results patients receive. Holistic medicine heals and restores the health of countless chronic health conditions that traditional medicine cannot address.

Our medical philosophy: Remove the cause of illness, treat the underlying problem and support the individual’s mind and body. This is how medicine should be practiced. Treating the symptoms only encourages the disease to penetrate deeper and cause further damage.

Some examples of health topics:

* Asthma

* Acne and other skin complaints

* Diabetes type I and II

* Cardiovascular health

* Attention deficit disorder

* Lose weight

* Depression

* Irritable bowel syndrome

* Dieting

* Alternatives to gallbladder removal

* Cell salts – which ones?

* What would I eat?

* Digestive problems

* Chlorine problems

* Food allergies and sensitivities

This list is by no means complete. Please write with any health question you have. All questions and answers are kept strictly confidential to protect your privacy. I will respond with relevant health information, helpful books, thoughts, product options, and links. All health information provided will include references. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll direct you to a website or other helpful resource. I am not a substitute for a qualified physician.

To get a feel for my writing, check out some of my articles published here.

Take charge of your health. Education and being informed is the best way.

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