DUI – How much will it cost me?

There are several costs associated with both a DUI arrest and a DUI conviction. Here is a list of some of the common expenses associated with a DUI:

Increased insurance rates– If you are convicted of drunk driving, your car insurance rates will go up. This is because the insurance company considers you to be a much higher risk. Your insurance company may also have to put in extra effort to continually confirm insurance coverage to the state. The high insurance rates usually last for several years.

Driver training– If you are convicted of drunk driving in many states, you must register and take several hours of driving training.

Alcohol and drug counseling– If you have been convicted of driving under the influence, you may be required to register and take an education course on alcohol and drugs. The cost of the course depends on your history of drug and alcohol use and can be several thousand dollars.

Locking device– Some states require you to install a device in your vehicle to monitor your alcohol consumption before you are allowed to drive if you have been convicted. You are responsible for the cost of installing this device and for regular system inspections.

Court costs and fines– If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you are responsible for paying a large fine to the court. This fine can be several thousand dollars depending on the state you are in and the type of DUI you are charged with.

administrative hearings– If your driver’s license was suspended before your DUI trial in some states, you can request an administrative hearing to challenge or challenge the suspension. You are responsible for the filing fees and other costs associated with this hearing.

License fees– If you have been convicted of drunk driving and your license has been suspended, you may have to pay a fee to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for a temporary driver’s license or to have your license reinstated.

Attorney’s fees – If you want to challenge your DUI arrest in court and avoid most of the penalties associated with a DUI arrest, you’ll want to hire a DUI attorney. Your attorney’s fee is part of the cost of a DUI arrest.

Wrecker account– After a DUI arrest, your car will be towed away by the police. You must pay the scrapper’s bill and any costs for overnight storage.