Critical Health Insurance 101

Critical Illness Insurance pays benefits for living expenses… in one lump sum… to an individual following a diagnosis of a heart attack, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, terminal illness, the need for an organ transplant, etc.

The key is that payment is triggered by diagnosis. Benefits are not tied to any reimbursement of expenses, like with health insurance, and you can use the money in any way you want… to replace lost earnings, pay for experimental treatments, pay off personal debts, including mortgages and other current expenses.

There are NO RESTRICTIONS on how the money should be used!

The vast majority of Americans have never heard of Critical Illness Insurance because most insurance agents haven’t either! Most brokers still prefer to sell life insurance over mortgages and yet, according to HUD… only 3% of foreclosures are the result of death and 48% are the result of a serious financial hardship caused by a serious disease!

A recent study conducted by Harvard University found that 50% of bankruptcies in America were the result of a medical emergency… and that over 75% of those people had health insurance to begin with!

You see, you can have the largest health insurance policy in America and still be wiped out because health insurance is designed only to cover medical expenses. It is not going to pay the mortgage or rent, tuition, car payments, utility bills or food for the family. It doesn’t pay your health or life insurance premiums (you’d better not let those policies lapse if you’re seriously ill).

This is where the tremendous power of a Critical Illness Policy lies… as a source of much-needed funds in a time of medical emergency.

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