Compare small business insurance quotes online

Many small to medium-sized businesses today operate from offices. With the decline of the manufacturing industry and the rise of professional services and IT industries, more than seventy-five percent of small businesses today are located and conduct their business in some office building or rented office space.

If you run your business from an office, you need office insurance, a specialized commercial insurance package designed to cover all risks to the office’s property and employees’ liability.

One of the easiest ways for a small business owner to find an office policy that is right for the business is to use an online commercial insurance comparison website.

There are many websites these days that will return multiple office coverage coverage and premium quote comparisons from a very simple form giving the prospective policy purchaser a much wider selection of office insurance policies in a very short span of time. Most good office insurance comparison websites have the ability to compare coverages and prices offered, giving the buyer a good understanding of what coverage they are purchasing.

Comparing policies and purchasing coverage online can be done by the property owner, building owner-occupier, tenant or anyone with a material interest in the office concerned.

For example, a developer of commercial real estate for a small business might own a few floors in a modern office complex and rent them out to tenants. This landlord would probably only be interested in covering the office buildings and fixed properties, while the tenants renting his space would have an interest in covering all the contents and liabilities associated with the small business’s activities.

Small business office insurance, such as you can find online, offers all the coverage that a small business with up to fifty employees needs and is at risk.

These include building and contents insurance for office property and liability insurance which consists of basic liability insurance for visitors to the offices, an employer’s liability for each employee and office worker to protect against accidents at work and, where applicable, professional liability insurance to protect the company against claims for incorrect advice.

Office insurance packages that are typically compared online vary by provider with different coverage limits, deductibles, and package coverages. When comparing policies on a comparison site, make sure that cover for business interruption and consequential damage is included as standard. This coverage allows your business to relocate temporarily following a catastrophic loss until repairs are made.