Coach house insurance quotes

You need to make sure all your quotes specify your property as a carriage house type, simply tell an agent in a huge call center there are garages to cover, and they tell you ‘it’ll be fine’ – doesn’t mean you’re covered. You cannot be sure that they understood your insurance needs, or that you would be adequately covered. Ideally, you will need this confirmation in writing, as with unique arrangements that require additional coverage. The bottom line is that the insurance company will cover owned properties, including leasehold garages/carports etc. – and insure all your legal obligations as a property owner, including impact and collision – protecting the property from vehicle damage. This is about what their policy actually means – not what a phone salesperson tells you it does.

A very simple, and you may think it’s an obvious sign, and way to check is to check that your property is specified as ‘Carriage House’ on the insurance quote. It’s also good practice to get the quote on paper beforehand — this isn’t old school because it’s a unique insurance need — and checking your fine print first will help you know what you’re buying. For regular home insurance we wouldn’t recommend this as a ‘must do’, but for coach house insurance we would..

Do not accept policy documents that say Detached House, Apartment/Maisonette – because that is not a Coach House with leasehold garages/carports. You wouldn’t insure a Ford Fiesta and expect it to cover a BMW, would you? It’s the same principle.

Coach house insurance quotes shouldn’t be more expensive than regular home insurance, so don’t worry – use a coach house insurance specialist – not a one off insurer – as they rate the risk higher and therefore charge a percentage on the premium to cover their extra risk/administration. Insurers that don’t cover day-to-day coach houses don’t have ready documents and tools to set up the policy – so all that extra cost will flow back to you as the customer. Don’t use the butchers to buy bread!

Your quote should be provided by an experienced advisor who can provide you with easy advice and guidance around your responsibility as an owner/leaseholder, someone who understands the nature of the product, and who can provide specific coach house insurance quotes – giving you all your options and choice of offers and providers.