Business General Liability Insurance

Entrepreneurs work extremely hard to operate and need protection from unexpected accidents or liabilities that could otherwise put them out of business. Commercial General Liability Insurance, or CGL, is designed to protect and secure company assets and assets should a claim arise.


Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) is a very important protection for policyholders and broadly provides defense and indemnity coverage against claims for bodily injury and property damage. CGL policies are usually written on standard policy forms developed by national insurance industry organizations.

Meaning of Business Liability Insurance

Running a business in a litigious society like ours greatly increases the likelihood of a potential claim or lawsuit. It’s important for business owners to know they’re protected so they can focus on running their business.

A CGL policy assumes responsibility for covering the injury costs for you and your employees, as well as covering your legal defense and settlement costs.

Below are the most common coverage items:


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Injury damage

Punitive compensation

Non-pecuniary damage

Compensatory damages

Losses on rental properties

Claims against deceptive advertising

Copyright Infringement Claims

If you are wondering how you will determine your coverage needs, it will depend on the nature of your business, its location and the perceived risk by the company. For example, you need more coverage if you are a contractor as opposed to the consultant or a web designer. This is because both companies have a different nature and level of perceived risk.

The benefits of a CGL policy

Insurance companies understand you and your business. They look into the in-depth details of your business, including quality control, safety standards and risk management.

Bodily injury coverage helps protect you or the injured party if it is caused by your business.

Personal Injury coverage helps protect you against libel, defamation, false arrest, and wrongful entry.

Advertising damages cover your legal liability for a wide variety of offenses resulting from advertising your company’s services and goods.

The importance or requirements of a CGL policy for a business owner cannot be overemphasized. Without any or adequate protection, a business owner could face a crippling claim at any time, and this level of uncertainty will make running a business nearly impossible. Now that the importance of protection is sufficiently understood, ensuring an adequate level of coverage is the second concern. With the help of a qualified agent/broker, business owners can gain the coverage and peace of mind to focus on running their business.