About Marriage Insurance and Avoiding Related Losses

Congratulations! You are engaged to be married!

After a couple decides to get married, a lot of exciting planning has to be done for a wedding.

From booking the venue to renting or buying the right wedding attire and hiring the services of suppliers such as a caterer, florist, band, photographer, videographer and others, the event requires carefully thought out preparations.

But as luck would have it, perceived results of wedding plans don’t always fall into a foolproof outcome. Accidents and heartbreaking mishaps can — and often do — happen even on the most important day of a new couple’s life together.

Fortunately, there is a marriage insurance policy to cover any related problems.

Here are some important things that marriage insurance can cover.

Insurance cover for the wedding event

Liability: If the venue or equipment sustains damage for which the wedding party is responsible or if a guest is injured during the event, marital liability insurance can cover the associated costs.

Cancellation or postponement: If an unexpected event occurs, such as extreme weather or illness, and the wedding has to be canceled or postponed, this coverage will cover the associated costs.

Seller Failure: In the event that the photographer or other wedding seller does not show up or does not deliver the goods by the pledged date, this will give you coverage.

Loss of Wedding Gifts: This coverage extends to items presented as gifts to the bride and groom, but not cash or gift cards or cards.

Special Clothing: If any of the special clothing worn by the wedding party is lost, stolen or damaged, this coverage will cover replacement or repair.

Wedding Special Jewelery: If the ring or other special jewels are damaged, lost or stolen before the event, this coverage will intervene to cover the associated costs.

Loss of wedding-related down payments: In the event that one of the hired wedding vendors goes out of business and fails to provide services or goods, this coverage will reimburse the down payment losses.

Liquor Liability: If the wedding party is liable for damage or injury from intoxication at the event, this form of insurance will cover the costs.

Just as no person or couple is alike, every wedding has its unique set of exposures. Speaking with an experienced independent agent about your related insurance needs will clarify the issues. In addition, an independent agency offers policies from many different companies and the expertise of a professional retailer in the insurance network so that you can present tailor-made coverage at the best rates!