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Brazil, the birthplace of the bossa nova, has become a very popular place to visit for many tourists around the world. The weather is usually beautiful, and there are countless activities for everyone. Check out these helpful tips to ensure you have a great travel experience in Brazil:

It is a good idea not to wear expensive jewelry and watches. Leave your expensive jewelry at home, just buy a cheap digital watch before you leave and use that instead.

Carry handbags or purses with straps across your body rather than just over one shoulder, as this makes it more difficult for thieves to take it from you.

Do not carry a lot of cash with you. Only take what you really need for the activities you plan each day.

Do yourself a favor and only take a minimum of belongings with you.

Make a copy of your passport and visa and carry these copies with you instead of the originals. Carry these copies with you for identification purposes only. The last thing you want to do is try to get replacement papers if they are lost or stolen on vacation.

Put your wallet in your front pocket, or better yet, put a money belt under your clothes to make it harder for people to steal it.

Always avoid very crowded places as these are popular hunting grounds for pickpockets.

If you are alone, avoid deserted streets and dark alleys. Even if it means extending your travel time, nothing is more important than your safety.

Make sure you hire a real taxi as they can be dangerous. If in doubt, ask a cigarette vendor on the street which taxis are real. Also, real taxis have red or maroon license plates, although these can be easily faked.

The favelas may look nice, but they can be very dangerous for tourists.

Only drink water from sealed bottles, because the tap water in Brazil is not always clean.

Brazil is a hot place, so make sure you stay hydrated by drinking at least two liters of mineral water or coconut water a day.

Don’t stay in the sun for too long and wear sunscreen with the highest SPF you can find.

You may encounter some pesky biting insects during your Brazilian adventure, so be sure to apply insect repellent before getting bitten.