Your fate is in your hands

Reap what you sow. One has to plan the precious time to win his future and earn enough money and wealth. A farmer tills the soil, sows seeds and does whatever it takes to get a good harvest. Hard work yields knowledge, experience and a happy life. Ants and bees store the food through toil and time. A lazy and wayward student loses the future. One can wait, but not time.

Youth is the right period to learn and enjoy. During old age, money and experience are found, but no guarantee of pleasure. People are given the freedom to represent their interests. Those who follow the right direction and make the right choices can taste success.

Every situation produces both winners and losers. But with a change in attitude, a person can turn failure into victory. All successful people faced failures and flops, but they continued to become legends. Failure actually gives experience and determination to achieve the success. Light certainly shines after a dark tunnel. There is no history of continued failure. Life becomes dull and aimless when success becomes a routine.

Here are given some essential tricks to forge the legitimate destiny.

Grab the opportunities. Lost money can be recovered, but not the time and opportunity. Plan well and take actions to move in the right direction. Expectations that are too high lead to failure and frustration.

Specialize in what you like best. This, of course, requires a lot of courage and conviction. With sincerity and hard work, a person can overcome all hurdles to shape his desired career.

Save to protect. The habit of thrift allows a person to save for the future and any need. This method is the best option to protect one’s family. Traditionally, people keep part of their income as reserves to cover the unforeseen expenses like doctor’s fees, travel, etc.

Spend to invest. ‘Expenditure as investment’ is the modern method used to create wealth. Spend wisely, that too against future earnings. You wonder, how? Use the credit card, current account, hire purchase or other source of credit for your purchases and pay the amount later from actual income. Of course, the first expense of your salary package or company income goes to the expenses already incurred, namely the savings made in the past. Many people have a careful approach that allows them to create the tangible assets by using the credit card or EMI options. However, be careful to limit your spending to live within capacity.

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Insurance helps. It is a cost, not an obligation, but an investment. Many people worry unnecessarily about their past and future. Instead, they should strive to live the present which is all that is available and under control. In fact, both the past and the future are only darkness.

Worry is the darkroom in which the negatives are developed. It is an inner feeling to be thrown out immediately to ensure success in life. Fate is only the result of your actions. Stop blaming others for your mistakes.