Why you want instant quotes for contractor liability insurance

The business world moves quickly and there is no slowing down waiting for you to get a liability insurance quote. You can get a quote for a contractor’s liability insurance right away or stumble upon your construction bid blindly. The choice is yours, but I’m sure which one I would choose. Here are some points to keep in mind for instant quotes.

Jump on the competition. We all know that the construction contract does not always go to the lowest bidder. It’s not always about the best offer either. If a bid is rushed, the contract goes to Johnny-on-the-spot who made sure his bid was first in. You can blindly submit your contract offer, but it really makes more sense to get a general liability quote right away.

Getting your ducks in a row. With a direct construction liability quote, you’ll have the right numbers to submit a solid proposal. The bidding process sometimes favors the contractor who submitted the proposal first, but it often comes down to the meager bid.

Awarding the contract to the bid can even mean that the bidder determines the costs per line object. A contractor can’t just fly past here. He or she needs the hard numbers of a liability quote and not just a guess at what the liability broker will come back with.

Sometimes when a company offers “quick online quotes” on general liability insurance, the delivery of the quote isn’t that fast at all. A contractor often enters the data, but then has to wait for a broker to review the data and call back with a quote. That’s not so ‘instant’.

There are some ultra-specialized contractors who can’t get a direct quote for liability insurance. They will have to go through an agent. If you contact the right liability insurance provider, most of the normal professions and services should be set up to give instant online quotes. When you receive real ‘instant’ quotes, you only need to fill in the details online and you will receive a quote within just 5 seconds.

Drilling to the bottom of your building bid. The quick bid, the streamlined bid or the extended bid can be the one that will be rewarded with the project. Doesn’t it just make sense to be all three at the same time? An instant contractor liability insurance quote can give you a head start on construction.