Where are the best hospitals in Amman, Jordan?

Amman is the capital of Jordan and it is a city where ancient culture meets modern amenities. The city is an attractive tourist destination; it is built on a series of hills and the famous Dead Sea is a short distance from here. Jordan ranks among the top health centers in the Middle East, and the World Bank ranks it as the top destination for medical tourism in the region. The city has a large number of clinics and hospitals that provide good services to the people.

King Hussein Medical Center is a leading and premier multidisciplinary medical institution in Jordan. This center consists of five hospitals and provides advanced medical care to its patients. Established in 1973, Al-Hussein Hospital is the oldest of the five hospitals that make up the groups. It is also one of the busiest hospitals in the country and is equipped with the most modern technology. The hospital’s operating room offers the latest technological treatments, such as minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery. Other services offered include comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for internal medicine, nephrology, respiratory medicine, hematology and oncology, neurology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, dermatology and venereology. The hospital also has well-equipped ophthalmology, ENT, paediatrics, dentistry and obstetrics and gynaecology departments.

Queen Alia Heart Institute was founded in 1983 and was dedicated to providing comprehensive cardiac care to the patients. It is also part of the King Hussein Medical Center. The hospital has a cardiac monitoring unit, an intensive care unit and a postoperative care unit. The procedures performed in the hospital are mainly open heart surgeries and heart transplants. There is an advanced laboratory at the center that performs non-invasive advanced examinations. The Queen Rania Pediatrics Hospital, part of the same group, is the first hospital in the country to specialize in pediatric care. The hospital is equipped with the latest technology and coordinates with US and UK hospitals for collaboration and consultation.

Jordan Hospital in Amman is a JCI accredited hospital that provides advanced health care. It also meets ISQua (International Society for Quality in Health Care) standards and is ISO 9002-2000 certified. The hospital is a major healthcare destination in North Africa and the Middle East. Many doctors at the hospital have been trained in Europe, Great Britain or the United States. The multidisciplinary hospital offers treatments in the fields of neurosurgery, heart care, organ transplantation, paediatrics, orthopaedics, cardiovascular surgery, urology, nephrology and orthopaedics. Other departments in the hospital include an emergency department, a nuclear medicine department, a renal dialysis department, a lithotripsy department, a physical therapy department, an intensive care department, and a radiology department.

The Al-Essra Hospital is a JCIA accredited hospital and is located on Queen Rania Al Abdallah Street, opposite the Jordian University Mosque. The emergency department at the hospital is operational day and night and is the most advanced and advanced emergency departments in Jordan both at the public and private level. The hospital has set up a hotline phone number (530-0333) for requesting an ambulance any time of the day. The hospital has facilities for both minor and major operations, heart and lung disorders, maternity care, orthopedic problems and kidney problems. In addition, there are IVF, physiotherapy, endoscopy and ventilation departments in the hospital.

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Special Hospital is located in the central part of Amman and has been operational since 1993. The specialties of the hospital are successful organ transplants, especially for kidney transplants, open heart surgery, healing of musculoskeletal disorders and eye related problems. The hospital’s emergency department is operational 24 hours a day and is equipped with modern medical technology.

Al Khalidi Medical Center, A Heart & Comprehensive Specialty Hospital was founded by Dr. Ibrahim Al Khalidi in 1978. It offers some highly specialized medical and surgical procedures. The Emergency Center that is operational 24 hours a day and the ambulances are also available 24 hours a day. The hospital offers pathology services, IVF procedures, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, IVF, dental services and has a dialysis unit, a pain clinic, an eye center and a pathology department.