When should you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Are you a motorcyclist? If so, you should know that there is a saying that it is not if you have an accident, but when. There are two types of cyclists: one who has had an accident and one who has not yet had one. Not very encouraging when you get around on two wheels.

If the inevitable has happened and you’re sprawled across the tarmac, chances are you’ve suffered quite a few injuries and probably lost your bike as well. Now is about the time to consider going to a motorcycle accident attorney.

Hopefully a police report has been made and witness statements have been issued. Medical records will be helpful as well as insurance claim information. These will all be an essential part of the case that your motorcycle accident attorney will use to establish your case. Dealing with the insurance companies involved, both yours and the other parties, is quite an undertaking. This is coordinated and information is gathered by the employees of your motorcycle damage lawyer.

Because cyclists are very vulnerable, the injuries are often very serious, if not life-changing. Common injuries in motorcycle accidents often include head injuries, internal injuries, broken arms, legs, and neck injuries. Many riders suffer from TBIs, also known as traumatic brain injuries. The medical costs for these types of injuries can be enormous.

If you don’t have adequate health insurance, these costs can be personally catastrophic, often resulting in personal bankruptcy. It can be tempting to settle quickly with the insurance company, but don’t let fear drag you into a low settlement. Remember, it’s the insurance company’s job to come to a low, quick settlement.

Remember, it is your motorcycle accident attorney’s job to represent you in the best possible way and fight for the best possible settlement for you.

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