What the insurance companies say about Whiplash

The name assigned to the neck strain caused by the impact of a car accident sounds painful enough: whiplash. But the painful discomfort, disruption of daily activities and all the other complications that follow can be really unbearably difficult to deal with.

If you live in a state that mandates no-fault auto insurance, you can file a claim for losses directly with your own carrier. In the event that you don’t have that coverage option and your injury was the result of another driver’s fault, you’ll want to file a claim and related insurance claim if it involves you with his or her company.

Other losses associated with the injury may include:

• Mileage costs to and from doctor’s visits

• Loss of income due to work interruption

While initial symptoms may be minimal immediately after impact, increasing pain and other progressive signs of the condition may take time to develop. While full-blown symptoms can appear immediately after a vehicle accident, it can also last hours or even days after the accident.

If you feel any of the following symptoms – in any range or degree – seek immediate medical attention from your doctor.

Whiplash symptoms include:

• Painful muscle cramps

• Inability to turn the head partially or completely

• Increasing neck pain

• Headache that starts from the lowest part of the skull and moves to the forehead

It is of utmost importance that you see your doctor immediately after feeling the first signs of whiplash disease – however minimal they may seem. This is in relation to full recovery prospects, as well as your chances of receiving the appropriate auto insurance reimbursement. Once you’ve been diagnosed with a doctor who verifies the whiplash, don’t waste time writing to the insurance company about your desire to make a claim. Of course it is necessary to keep track of all costs related to losses and damages.

While whiplash is a painful reality that a victim must endure for some time, it should heal on its own with the help of the doctor’s guidance and your own pain management.

These suggestions will help with treatment:

– Immediately after feeling a symptom, put an icy wrap around your neck. Do this for 15 minutes every 3-4 hours for the first two to three days. Swelling and tenderness should decrease as a result.

– Ask your doctor to prescribe painkillers.

– Ask your doctor if he or she thinks it is necessary to use a supportive neck brace.

– After the period after the ice treatment, apply moist heat to your neck. You can do this by taking hot showers, warm baths, or by placing a warm dampened towel on the painful area.

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For more information on how to make a claim for vehicle accident whiplash insurance, please contact an experienced independent agency associated with the leading companies.