What is expat health insurance and who needs it?

Expatriate Health Insurance provides medical insurance to people living abroad. Most people looking to cover themselves with international health insurance tend to be expatriates who are immigrating abroad – students studying abroad for extended periods of time and employees who happen to be working in foreign soil. Skilled workers employed by companies that move frequently are usually already covered for international health insurance by their employer.

International health insurance covers students – foreign workers and expats for all hospital and medical bills they receive when they are not in the UK.

Expat Medical Insurance is most popular with people moving to warmer climates.

Spain – Most British expats who have international health insurance live in Spain because it is close to home and very warm.

The Spanish healthcare system is a combination of both private and public healthcare. People living – working or studying in Spain can get free healthcare if they contribute to the Seguridad.

Better than the British NHS

Most people in Spain prefer to have their own private health insurance – at home and abroad – this contributes to better health care throughout Spain for both groups that rely on public health care and those who have their own private health insurance.

This relieves the pressure on the Spanish healthcare system and speeds up waiting times for treatment. It is generally accepted in Spain that most citizens only use the national health service for emergencies.

Most doctors and nurses in Spain speak English – you can also find interpreters for other languages ​​in Spain’s more popular tourist destinations. You will find quality health services in clinics and hospitals all over Spain and the islands.

Hospitals and health centers have an emergency and emergency service. While most expats living or working in Spain are entitled to free use of public health services, most still prefer to be covered by international health insurance. Give them peace of mind and peace of mind should anything go wrong.

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