What is a STAT Medical Delivery?

There are many companies working in the Chicago courier service that offer medical delivery services as part of their total package of services. Medical courier companies are an important part of the overall health care system. These are specially licensed couriers who have the appropriate vehicles and training to transport medical equipment. Normally, these types of deliveries run on normal schedules, similar to how the rest of the courier industry works. However, there is also another form of medical courier service known as STAT shipping.

STAT is also known as express courier service. Usually, however, the term express courier service is used to describe these types of deliveries when they are made in the business or corporate world. A STAT delivery means the same thing, but also specifies that the supply in question involves the medical industry.

STAT is a term often used in hospitals to indicate that something needs to be done as soon as possible. Many medical terms are derived from Latin roots, STAT being no different. The original word on which the term is based is “statim”. This means immediately in the original Latin. Everything STAT needs is given the highest possible priority, and the same goes for STAT delivery services that move medical supplies.

Usually a STAT delivery is one that is needed quickly, as treatment depends on the delivery being completed quickly. This would be in situations such as when an organ needs to be shipped to be given to a transplant patient. Also, the STAT service is sometimes used to move medical supplies to disaster or emergency locations when on-site treatment is required.

STAT service can be completed by ground or air transportation. In many cases, air transport will be used because it is much faster than land deliveries. Usually the helicopter is the aerial vehicle that will be used in medical deliveries. Helicopters can take off faster than airplanes and do not need to land and take off from major airports. Many large hospitals have on-site landing facilities so that cargo can be delivered and patients lifted by air. Ground transportation will still be used in some situations, such as when a STAT delivery needs to take place between two hospitals in the same city. The option used is always the one that results in faster deliveries.