Two excellent hospitals in Jinan, China

Jinan is the capital of Shandong, China’s second largest and most economically important province. Jinan has 6 districts and a population of 6 million. The city is one of China’s 15 sub-provincial cities. It is actually a very old city, having been inhabited for about 4000 years. Jinan is beautiful, has a high GDP and is the cultural, financial and political center of the region. China’s remarkable development has also had a major effect on healthcare. Today, most major cities, such as Jinan, have a well-developed medical sector with many good hospitals and doctors. This is an overview of some of the leading hospitals in Jinan.

Qilu Hospital is located at 107 West Road, Jinan City: 250012 and is a leading hospital in Jinan. This gigantic general hospital is governed by the Ministry of Health. It is also a famous medical education and research center. The hospital has 1800 beds and is a modern healthcare facility that annually provides the best medical care to 1,974,000 patients (this number only comes from the outpatient clinic). Affiliated with Shandong University, Qilu Hospital was established in 1890 and took its current name in 2000. Qilu Hospital has academic exchange and association programs with more than 20 renowned healthcare institutions and universities in various countries. Qilu Hopital’s modern surgical department has departments in all branches, including thoracic, pediatric, bone, laparoscopic and hepatobiliary surgery. Qilu Hospital’s emergency department is the best in the province and features emergency triage, medical and surgical wards, a 100-bed operating theater and an emergency pharmacy. Phone: 0531 -82,169,114

Qianfoshan Hospital is another large hospital and is located at 66 Jing Shi Road 250014. This general hospital is operated by the Health Department of Shandong Province and has been providing modern and effective health care since 1960. This tertiary level medical facility is connected to Shandong University. The physical hospital has a construction area of ​​105,000 square meters, 1,000 beds and 1,800 employees. It has received several awards, including the National Model Hospital Award and the Provincial Civilized Unit Award. The hospital has more than 50 full-fledged medical departments covering all major areas of medicine. In addition, there are provincially accredited centers for dental care, liver disease, counseling and treatment of bone and joint disorders. The 51,000 square meter polyclinic complex of Qianfoshan Hospital was built by a world-renowned Australian company and meets international standards. The operating unit is well equipped to perform all types of surgery and is particularly known for neurosurgery, minimally invasive procedures and transplants. The hospital offers 24-hour emergency and ICU service.