Traffic violations, car insurance and your rates

Auto insurance is already expensive enough. You don’t need a traffic fine to get your premium even higher. Therefore, it is important to drive carefully, courteously and within legal speed limits. This way you do not give a police officer any reason to pull you over and hand you an official report for irresponsible driving.

You may be wondering. A fine is attached to the fine itself. Why should you be penalized even further by your insurance company?

To be fair, your insurance company isn’t interested in punishing you. They are only out for their own interests. If they see you’ve been convicted of a moving offense, they’ll consider it a danger to their business. Traffic violations show the insurance company that you are more at risk of being a part of a car accident or collision than someone with a clean driving record. A car accident, in insurance terms, means there will likely be a claim that will cost them money. The insurance company balances the risk of a car accident claim with an increased premium or additional costs.

Of course, each company assesses its response to bad driving behavior individually. Generally, though, they have a team that looks at the general behavior you’ve exhibited while behind the wheel.

And when determining the amount of the rate increase, the insurer will take into account the seriousness of the traffic violation.

So if you are guilty of driving under the influence, you will face an extremely harsh response regarding a fare increase. If you only received a ticket for a broken headlight, the judgment against you will be lenient. And if it turns out you’re driving 15 miles above the city limits, you’ll get a higher raise than if you drove just five miles faster than the posted mileage.

People often ask about parking tickets. For the most part, the motorist who receives a parking ticket only has to worry about paying for that ticket. The insurance company won’t raise your rates if they see you as responsible for your bill and they don’t see a parking summons as a concern regarding your likelihood of being involved in a car accident.

The train of thought goes much further than a car. Whether you drive a truck, van, motorcycle or other type of vehicle, your rates can go up if you’re convicted of a moving or speeding ticket.

For more information on this subject, please contact an experienced independent insurance agent.