Top used tractor myths debunked

There are many myths surrounding the purchase of used agricultural tractors.

Here we will examine and debunk some of them.

Buying used tractors is always better than buying new

No, that’s not it.

It is typically cheaper, at least in the very short term, but in the longer term buying a used tractor that is a “bad” un can prove to be a financially disastrous move. You’ll find out if you keep sending checks to the local repair shop after purchase.

Buying from a reputable dealer of guaranteed second-hand agricultural tractors is of course something else.

All used tractors are unfolded

No they are not.

This is the exact opposite of the point above. Your requirements should be expertly reviewed before a decision is made on new used verses. A used tractor from a quality dealer may well suit your requirements.

All finance deals are a rip off

However popular and even therapeutic it may be to give the financial sector a good kick in the ass; in fact, there are some really excellent deals to help you finance your purchase.

Some of the manufacturers’ offers are particularly attractive. However, it’s wise to be wary of financing deals from lenders you’ve never heard of on really old and cheap tractors.

Used tractors are not flexible enough for modern use

If you’re determined to buy a tractor that arguably should be in a museum, then perhaps that feeling has some justification.

However, for any tractor made by a reputable brand manufacturer and in the not-too-distant past, mounting buckets, shears, lifting bridges and various other implements should not be a problem. Of course, you should make the effort to find a maker known for the versatility of their product.

You cannot insure old tractors

Yes, that’s possible.

However, many things can affect your premium and age can be a relatively small factor or not a factor at all – it depends a lot on your policy and your coverage provider.

You can’t get parts for used tractors

This is close to one of the above myths regarding flexibility.

You can certainly get parts for used farm tractors, provided they are not absolutely old.

More important than age is your choice of manufacturer. Choose a tractor made by someone no one has ever heard of and you may struggle to find parts, even if it is almost new! However, a more reputable manufacturer should never be a problem in that regard.

You never know what someone else has done with the tractor in the past

Well, strictly speaking this one may be true sometimes!

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Buy your tractor from a recognized local quality farm equipment supplier and you will be very pleasantly surprised to find that they have a great deal of knowledge of what it has done (and where) during much of its recent life.

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To some extent, however, that is academic. Such a reputable local dealer will not try to sell you a used tractor unless they are 100% sure it meets their standards.