The Pajama Man: review of Andy Ross’ Pajama Man

The Pajama Man School led by Andy Ross may have come your way when you were looking for a way to increase your insurance sales commissions. With the PJM School, you will receive training alongside someone who has found success in the insurance industry selling many different products from their home office.

The school Andy set up is like a mentoring program where you get training videos, get live support and even shadow him occasionally to see how he calls, generates (buys) leads and how he has found his own success through doing exactly this to do. The Pajama Man School comes with a price tag of $5,000 and up depending on where you are when you start and what you are really trying to accomplish.

As a former top manufacturing insurance agent here in the state of Hawaii, I’ve remained interested in the market and those who come and go within the market. What I’ve come to discover is that success in any business comes down to traffic generation, solid training, and following those who have been there before.

If you are currently an insurance agent, what are you currently doing for your marketing, lead generation, and business growth? Do you need something like a pajama man to teach you how to find success within your industry? Maybe, but then again, maybe you’re just looking for a way to put all those pieces together for yourself and just a little bit of mentorship. For that, there are many online resources that can be easily picked up. There are also many different places where you can invest much less money and receive much more value.

All in all, the PJM School is not a bad thing, just a great investment for those new to the industry.

There is a NEW way to help people really reach the limits of their dreams, to create passive income from the comfort of their home, all at their own pace.

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