The importance of technical knowledge in modern car sales training

Technical knowledge is becoming increasingly important in modern car sales training. In the past, it was enough for salespeople to explain to customers how to maintain their car and answer common everyday questions, such as what the carburetor does.

In fact, even these questions were rare because cars powered by a gas (petroleum) internal combustion engine hadn’t changed much since Karl Benz’s invention in 1885. Yes, several aspects of car design had changed significantly, but not the way they were powered . Today we have alternatives.

Employees who sell cars today need to be trained in the differences between the different fuel types: gas, diesel, electric, LPG and whatever else is being developed. Gone are the days when new developments in cars and other vehicles take years to get into production, let alone become available to regular customers.

Potential questions about modern car technology

Here are some of the technical aspects of cars that your sales staff are likely to be asked about and expected to have expert knowledge of.

  • What is the difference between diesel and gasoline?
  • Is diesel cheaper than petrol and are diesel cars more difficult to maintain than regular cars?
  • What is a Hybrid?
  • How do hybrid operating costs compare to diesel and gas?
  • How do I switch from gas to electric in a hybrid?
  • Where is the nearest electric car charging point for me?
  • Does an electric car get me to work cheaper every day than another fuel?
  • What is a Hydrogen Cell?
  • Are hybrid/electric/hydrogen cell cars easy to maintain – can I fix faults myself?

If you sell vehicles that use any of the above alternative energy sources, visitors to your dealership or car park will expect you to be able to answer these questions – or similar questions. You can probably think of more – maybe through experience!

Importance of a car sales course

Do you have training that helps your employees figure out where to get this information? Are you teaching your staff – or even yourself – these basics of modern automotive technology? Or do you expect them to teach themselves? It is extremely important that your car salespeople know about each of the above car fuel options and are able to answer questions about them. But that’s not all they need to know!

Another aspect of car sales knowledge that has changed in recent times is the interaction between prospect and salesperson. Is every member of your sales staff trained in approaching and communicating with a new visitor to your lot or showroom? If the first approach and interaction goes wrong, you can forget that prospect becomes a customer.

Gone are the days when you hired new salespeople with little or no sales experience and expected them to learn on the job. Effectively car salesmen are now educated people who understand sales psychology as well as every car in the parking lot! They can answer questions about hybrids and power cells and provide advice based on sound technical knowledge.

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Sales Employee Auto Sales Training

However, it’s the approach that counts, and the way car salespeople interact with prospects, that make the difference between a sale to a satisfied customer and a dissatisfied prospect leaving the premises to go elsewhere. A car sales course can make the difference between success and failure, and sending staff to car sales training can significantly improve your sales figures.

If you are an individual with a desire to make car sales your chosen career, an accredited car sales course can also make a difference for you. By showing your educational diploma to a potential employer, you are ahead of all those applicants without a diploma.

So what do successful car salesmen need today – male or female? It’s knowledge of cars and their alternative power sources, and also good training in how to sell the; how to approach visitors and convert them into new customers; how to keep the clients you have and how to send everyone so impressed that they will sing your praises for anyone who will listen! A car sales course can offer most, if not all!