The hike to Hidden Pond Songbird Trail

Hidden Pond Songbird Tail is one of the short walks set up by the Corps of Engineers. It takes less than a mile to walk this short trail with little elevation gain. The site is located in the Reregulation Dam Recreation Area, right on the western part of Carters Lake. Carters Lake is also a well-known recreation spot for those looking to take a break from some of the high traffic areas on this trail. Along the way you will pass the remnant of Georgia Road which was built in 1804 during the Treaty of Telico. After Andre Jackson and his battalion worked on this road in 1819, it was then called the old Federal Highway.

The Cherokee and farmers have also historically used some of the trees along this trail as trail markers. On the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee left this area, and by 1977 a dam was built which then re-regulated near the Coosawattee River and Carters Lake. The path moves along the dam in front of the re-regulation pool.

From the parking lot to the south, walk towards the marked trailhead at the entrance to Carters Lake Dam. Just past this mark, the path splits into two paths. Take the right path over the bridge as the walkway goes up a moderately steep hill. From here the trail returns to the original trail and then you cross a longer bridge which gives you a better view of the swamp. Along this trail you will see several bird species, including an osprey, wild turkey and a hawk. Other wildlife such as raccoon, turtles, opossum and white-tailed deer can be seen here. Go past this and turn right at the end of the bridge as the footpath curves back to the original path.

The end of the saddle ridge that formed Carters Lake can be seen on your left. Continue on this path to the beaver pond built by the Corps of Engineers with multiple blinds for bird watching. This lake is home to many bird species that have inhabited the area for centuries. There are great spots in this South Regulation Dam Park for the best fishing and picnicking. However, if you opt for a longer trek, there are other trails nearby such as the Big Acorn Nature Trail and the Rock Nature Trail, both of which are accessible at the Carters Lake Visitor Center.