The direct choice when buying combined car insurance

Whether you buy your cars new or used, use an independent auto repair shop or a franchise dealer, or get your gas and fuel from a supermarket or local gas station, the one thing these types of businesses have in common is their need for protection and peace. of mind in the form of motor trade insurance.

Combined motor insurance is actually a type of insurance policy that can provide coverage for many types of businesses in the auto industry, including those that specialize in service and repair, sales, gasoline sales, or bodywork. And as the name suggests, a combined policy is designed for property dealers who want to cover a variety of risks under one easy-to-manage insurance policy.

So once a motorcycle dealer has determined that they need a combined policy, they really have options available to them regarding how and where to buy it. Another relatively new way they can get car insurance is by doing business directly with an insurance company. The advantage of dealing direct is that the merchant can handle everything themselves, so in the event of a loss and need to file a claim, they can call the insurer directly and deal with them until the claim is settled. This control of policy is favored by many auto dealers who are happy to understand exactly what they want and are happy to negotiate premiums and claims settlements with insurance companies.

The second option available when buying a combined auto insurance policy is still the one most companies prefer and that is using an insurance broker. The benefits of using a broker are many and range from their ability to approach different insurers to, in some cases, the ability to provide you with expert advice and guidance that can help you reduce your exposure to risk and reduce your premiums. When you combine this with the service that some brokers offer when you suffer a loss, namely that they will negotiate with your insurer to ensure that your claim is handled quickly and favorably, you can see why using a broker is still the desired option. choice for most car dealers.

There really is no wrong or right decision and whether you deal directly with an insurer or through an insurance broker who specializes in car trading policies really depends on your personal opinion. However, as a car dealer, you need to be aware of the options available and make the choice that is best for you and your business. Make the right decision and in the current financial climate there is a good chance that your premium for the combined contents insurance will fall in the coming year.