The best hospitals in Moscow

Moscow is the most populous city in Europe and the seventh largest city in the world. As the capital of Russia, this mega-city is considered the political center of the country. In addition, Moscow is also culturally important due to the many World Heritage Sites in the city. Due to these historical and cultural sites, it is a major tourist destination. Moscow is home to some of the better hospitals in the province, and many private healthcare facilities in the city also provide high-quality medical services.

European Medical Center located at Spiridonievsky pereulok 5, bld.1, 123104, Moscow is a large world-class hospital that provides excellent medical service. This modern hospital, founded in 1989, has received the international quality certificate ISO 9001:2008. The hospital is multidisciplinary and has four main business units and an area of ​​8,780 square kilometers. Surface. EMC has full-fledged departments in all branches of medicine, a dental center, a clinical diagnostic laboratory and a center for women’s health. The surgery department consists of two units and performs all types of operations. The hospital has a lot of modern equipment. The lab and diagnostic center uses a robotic analyzer for testing to minimize errors. The analyzer performs more than 25,000 tests per month. EMC also has an emergency department with a 24-hour lab, an ICU-equipped and ambulance staff. Luxury accommodation in single or double rooms is also provided by the hospital. Phone: +7 (495) 933 6655

American Medical Center is located at 26, built. 6, Prospekt Mira 129090 in Moscow. It is one of the leading hospitals in Moscow with fully modern facilities. The AMC Clinic is one of 30 clinics managed by the respected MEDSI Group of Companies. Founded in 1996, AMC is recognized as an Allianz Worldwide Care medical provider. The center provides excellent diagnostic and clinical services in all branches of medicine, including some rare branches. It also has a full-fledged modern dental clinic. AMC staffs eminent physicians with scientific and research degrees. The center has two operating rooms and all facilities for gynecological, urological, proctological, ENT and cavernous operations. The Intensive Care Unit has comfortable rooms, special anti-decubitus beds and modern devices for blood pressure measurement. AMC also has 24-hour emergency services and its own pharmacy. The laboratory has modern equipment for performing electrolytic profiling, blood microscopy, gematology, coagulograms, hepatitis, hormone and immunochemical research. The center offers various assistance to foreign patients and also organizes treatments abroad. Phone: (495) 933-77-00

15 municipal city hospital can be found in Ul. Veshnyakovskaya, 23 (near metro station Vykhino) in Moscow. This is another popular hospital in the city and is both well equipped and modern. Two medical schools and four medical research institutes work together with this hospital. The hospital has departments in all major medical specialties such as cardiology, trauma and neurology. The Department of Surgery has wards for different types of surgery and an Outpatient Department of Surgery. The hospital also has ultrasound functional diagnostics, radiation diagnostics and endoscopy departments. CCH-15 also houses 24-hour emergency care. Phone: (495) 375-71-01