The benefits of getting dental implants abroad

Many patients could benefit from dental implants, but an alarming number are choosing to postpone it. Many are concerned about the skill of local dentists. Many are concerned about the procedure. But most worry about money. For many patients, the answer to their needs is to travel to Mexico, where the services available have become as good as inland, but prices remain a fraction of what the local dentist would charge. With increased quality and lower costs, many patients are now looking for more than just dental implants south of the border.

Cost effective dental implants

One of the biggest concerns patients have that prevents them from getting the dental care they need is the cost of the treatment. In the US, many oral procedures are not covered by insurance and out-of-pocket costs can easily skyrocket. This is a particular concern for procedures such as implants, which are considered “cosmetic” by many insurance companies, which they say may warrant a reduction in the amount covered or the elimination of coverage.

Yet very often traveling to Mexico can save thousands of dollars on the cost of medical procedures such as implants. There, the typical dental implant surgery costs about $1,400 and $2,000 when a patient opts for implants with crowns. These costs include medical expenses and logistics after arrival in Mexico. In the United States, implants can cost as much as $4,000 or more, even for simple procedures. The cost for anything more complicated or custom is even higher than that. This is a significant savings, especially for men and women living in the southern states bordering Mexico; even when airline tickets come into the equation, patients still see thousands of dollars in savings.

Dental travel in Mexico means quality

In the past, it was easy to find bad dentists who didn’t perform as well as their American counterparts. But in today’s world, that just doesn’t happen, provided the patient chooses to work with a reputable company. When searching on their own, patients should be wary of being lured into a substandard dental office by a shockingly low price. If a patient is lured in that way, he or she may find a dentist who is not up to the highest standards. But with the number of medical tourism companies available today, patients should have no problem finding one that can provide guidance in the right direction. In addition, these companies specialize in logistics assistance and help with flight and hotel planning if necessary. Some companies can also help combine the procedures with a full vacation.

Once a patient makes sure he or she doesn’t get one of the few remaining substandard doctors, he or she is pretty much guaranteed a standard of service that meets or exceeds what you would get in the United States. Mexican dentists receive the same training and develop the same skills as their American counterparts. They have access to the same types of conferences and other resources that every local dentist uses to maintain his or her level of expertise, meaning that jaw surgery in Juarez or Tijuana is virtually indistinguishable from surgery in Los Angeles or Houston.

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Advanced technology

Medical travel also provides patients with access to dental offices with the most up-to-date technology. Again, this wasn’t always true, but as medical travel has become more and more popular, it’s now virtually impossible to find a poorly equipped dental office. In fact, many are better equipped for procedures such as implants than a clinic in the US would be simply because they can get more equipment at a lower cost. When a patient gets implants in an office in Mexico, they will now be using the same technology found all over the United States. Again, patients doing independent research should be wary of planning without the help of a Mexico dental travel agency; when you search alone, it can be more difficult to get in touch with the best dentists in the country.

A big boost in self-confidence

In addition to the financial and logistical reasons for choosing dental implants, patients also consider the personal reasons. Implants have a huge confidence factor, they improve your self-esteem and help improve performance at work. In the recession, good performance is absolutely essential and a good smile is crucial. Especially if the patient often works with clients, he or she cannot afford to have anything but the best smile, and implants can help. Combine this potential job advantage with some of the benefits of dental travel in Mexico, and it’s easy to see why patients flock south of the border for implants.