Success and family background

It has been observed that there are many failures in life that come from parents who also failed in life. It has also been observed that there are some successful people who come from parents who also succeeded in life. The question that easily comes to mind from these observations is, “What is the relationship between an individual’s fate and his family background?” In other words, is an individual’s fate determined by his family background? It is imperative that these questions are asked and also answered correctly in order to help people take responsibility for their destiny.

It should be noted that the belief that an individual’s success depends on his family background is not only incorrect, but misleading and deceptive. There are countless people with the best family background; yet they make nothing meaningful out of life. But there are people whose background is nothing to write about; yet they get the best out of life. In fact, the most exceptionally successful people come from nameless families. It is imperative to note that this observation is valid all over the world. How many people who are exceptionally successful are born of parents with names?

Do you know that there are more successful people from a poor background than from a rich background? Do you know that there are more rich people born into poor families than those born into rich families? While this claim cannot be scientifically verified or falsified, daily observations lend credence to its veracity. In addition, daily experiences confirm the veracity of this statement. Perhaps the fact that there are many successful people from poor backgrounds explains why one writer notes that you shouldn’t let your background be down to earth.

One of the factors that explains why there are more successful people from poor backgrounds is that poverty tends to encourage more effort in the pursuit of success. Children from poor families are usually convinced that since they have no back to stand out, the quality of life that awaits them in the future will be determined by what they can achieve with their efforts. Consequently, they are usually challenged to do their very best in the struggle to free themselves from poverty, except they want to end up like their impoverished parents.

On the other hand, most children from wealthy families, despite all the advantages life has to offer, tend to pursue matters of success with less dedication, usually believing that it will not make any difference in their lives. They usually don’t worry about their futures because they think their parents have secured them for them. This is why they usually waste time bragging about their parent’s achievements, instead of striving for something meaningful in life. They forget that their parents’ success is not theirs.

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People should be praised for their achievements and that of their children, but not for their parents’ achievements. A child’s success is part of his parents’ success, but a man’s success is not part of his child’s success. While children need to ensure that their parents’ success is not a threat (or obstacle) to their future; parents must ensure that their success does not threaten their children’s future. Children should be encouraged to pursue their own success, rather than wasting time celebrating their parents’ success.

The point being made is that your destiny in life is not necessarily determined by your background. The fact that your parents failed in life implies that you will fail in life too. Just because your parents are poor doesn’t mean you will be poor too. The fact that your parents are successful is also no guarantee that you will succeed in life. The fact that you were born into a rich family does not mean that you will be rich. You should strive to ensure that your background does not have a negative effect on your destiny. This is how you can qualify yourself as a candidate for success.