Social Media Engagement: Future Trends

Not so long ago we kept waiting for the friendly neighborhood postman or the long distance phone call for that matter. More recently, it’s the ubiquitous email. Come the present and things are smashed. We are constantly experiencing tweets, Facebook posts and updates. Not to mention the immediate aspect of it all. This evolution in gaining social engagement will reach newer heights in the future. There will be hardly any differences between the real and virtual world. With this we will look at possible trends that will shape the near future.

The rise of location-based features

Location dependent services such as gowalla, Foursquare will dominate the future future. Brand agencies will continue to shape the already growing service across demographics, topographies and regions. The population will enjoy using content related to the locale. In addition, they will share such content, making it a closer social bond while being relevant. Currently, location-based services via mobile phones serve more than 50 million users. This will perk up another 500 million users by the end of this year. By 2014, the services will contribute approximately $12.7 billion.

Share content

Currently, sharing video content is a critical aspect of keeping engagement social. This trend will only move north due to the technological growth in video streaming. Such technology promotes the motive to share for both marketers and prospects. In reality, video-based sites are run by consumers, not brand agencies. The masses create and watch the content they want to see. Over 35 hours of video is increased by nearly 10% every minute on YouTube mobile access accounts.

Augmented Reality: the true experience

This real-time mechanism for combining information or live action with the real world will play a key role in future social interactions. Augmented Reality brings both social and real events to life. In addition, it will bring places like the museums and tourist hotspots to life, while also gaining social engagement. Technical mechanisms for example, Screen are becoming more and more popular through the Android platform. It will continue to drive growth exponentially. Branded agencies using augmented reality will play a key role in e-commerce, where prospects can ‘Try On’ different outfits and accessories.

Gaming: the social way

Zynga is to gaming what Henry Ford is to cars. Both made their offerings affordable to the common man. Zyngas valuation at $15 billion is a testimony to that fact. Meanwhile, gaming socially has changed the way we conduct trade and commerce in different ways. Let’s face it, almost all of them are guilty of protecting their virtual livestock and keeping their cities green. The direction for such apps is only going in one direction: the progressive road. Because brand agencies will continue to change our lives and create more interactive experiences. In summary, if the engagement becomes social in the future, the people will choose their market and in turn the market will come to them.